The 6 Essential Elements of Effective Education Brands

Does your education organization have a marketing strategy? All effective education brands should. But according to a Hanover Research survey, only 60 percent of higher education marketing administrators said they were working from a brand strategy. No matter who uses your company’s services — teachers, parents, students or school leaders — reaching them with the right […]


Understanding Media Audits

Is your changemaking organization interested in securing a regular stream of high-quality media coverage? If so, thinking up a creative pitch that positions your work as newsworthy is not the first step, nor is building a list of reporters to reach out to. Before you even consider your angles, you need to conduct a thorough media […]


How to Identify Your Organization’s REAL Differentiating Factor

What makes your organization unique? This can be a difficult question for many leaders to answer, or at least to answer in a compelling way that drives their stakeholders to take action. But no matter what field you’re in, differentiating yourself from your competition is essential to your success. In order to stand out from […]


Failure to Launch and a Launch from Failure

Take a moment to think about what would happen if you completely and utterly failed. Now raise the stakes. What is the worst thing this failure could do to your career, your financial situation and your family? From 2011 to 2013, I lived with these very thoughts, in a constant state of fear. My brother […]


How Do You Launch a Pro Bono Program?

When Prosper Strategies became a B Corp earlier this year, we knew we wanted to show our commitment to using business as a force for good by launching a formal pro bono program. Our firm has done pro bono work since the very beginning, and we’ve had the chance to use our marketing and PR […]

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