3 Common Nonprofit Communication Challenges Your Organization Must Overcome

In our work with nonprofit organizations of every shape and size, we often observe patterns, and one of the most noticeable is around common nonprofit communication challenges. Though every organization is different, most nonprofits seem to face their most significant communication challenges in one of these three scenarios: The organization is experiencing a change in […]


Do You Really Know Your Nonprofit Stakeholders? How to Create Effective Stakeholder and Donor Profiles

If your nonprofit is like most, you don’t have budget to spare on “trial and error” marketing efforts. That’s why it’s crucially important to understand the stakeholders you are aiming to reach with your marketing and communications efforts through stakeholder and donor profiles. The better you understand your donors, program participants, volunteers, members and other […]

4 Nonprofit Mission Statements Dissected (and How to Improve Yours)

There is no component of your nonprofit brand more important than your mission. Why? Because a nonprofit mission statement is far more than simply marketing language. The best nonprofit mission statements function like a strategic compass, guiding every decision an organization makes and every activity it pursues. They drive internal focus, external support, and most […]


Nonprofit Branding 2.0 – What Today’s Forward-Thinking Nonprofits are Doing to Build Their Brands

The nonprofit sector is in the midst of a major transformation in its approach to brand. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are beginning to think more broadly than they ever have before about the strategic purpose their brands can serve. The old nonprofit branding paradigm treated brand as a tool for fundraising. Brands were […]


Seven Deadly Nonprofit Marketing Budget Sins: Part Two

In part one of this series, we introduced a few of the deadly sins nonprofits (and those who support and influence them) commit in regard to their marketing, fundraising and communications budgets. As anyone who works in the sector knows, nonprofit budget decisionmaking is complex. Even the most sophisticated, well-intentioned organizations make mistakes due to pressure or […]

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