What We Do:
Brand Strategy &
Marketing Planning

What are your nonprofit's biggest challenges and most audacious goals?

How can your brand, marketing and communications advance your mission and grow your bottom line so you can create more positive impact? These are the questions we aim to answer through our brand strategy and marketing planning engagements.

Before we embark on this process, we commonly hear things from our clients like:

  • Our brand doesn’t adequately reflect our values, our impact or our current focus as an organization
  • Our messaging is complicated or unclear
  • Our marketing activities aren’t well-aligned with our strategic plan or theory of change
  • We need to raise awareness of the great work we’re doing
  • We need to better measure our marketing performance against goals so we can budget and spend smarter
  • Our donors are changing and our past funding streams are drying up
  • Our competitors are so much more well-known and visible than we are
  • We need to reach more donors, volunteers and people in need of our services
  • We need to drive more leads or generate more contacts
  • We’d like to be known as the leaders we are

Do any of these ring true of your organization?

If so, it might be time for you to engage in brand strategy and marketing planning work.


Brand Strategy

Your nonprofit’s brand is so much more than your logo, name and color scheme. It’s a promise that conveys who you are, what you do and why it matters, and it’s a critical tool for driving both internal cohesion and mission impact. We help nonprofits like yours better define or even completely reimagine your brands.

Our brand strategy work begins with a robust research and discovery process where we examine your stakeholder needs, brand strengths and differentiators. Then, we work hand-in-hand with you to develop brand elements like a positioning statement, stakeholder profiles and key messages and introduce them to your team so they can be used to improve communications consistency and resonance.

For organizations that need to evolve their brand identities, we also facilitate mission, vision and values development and offer naming and visual identity design services.

Sector expertise matters.

We have led brand strategy development and full rebrands for dozens of social sector organizations in issue areas ranging from human services to environmental advocacy. As such, we understand that it takes more than great design and motivating messaging to make a brand strategy effort successful for a nonprofit. It also requires the ability to navigate the many nuances of your sector and the many stakeholders who care about your brand, from your board, to your staff and donors.

Are you ready to make your brand a transformative force for good at your nonprofit?


Marketing Planning

Your organization can’t achieve its full potential without a marketing plan that is closely aligned with your overall strategic plan and theory of change.

We leverage our 4-D Approach™, designed specifically for nonprofits, to build marketing plans capable of helping our clients overcome their biggest marketing challenges and advance their missions.

Whether you’re working with Prosper on all of your marketing efforts, on specific tactics and strategies, or through our Enablement services, marketing planning and strategy development will be critical to your success. We understand the realities that organizations like yours must operate within and build marketing plans that make the most of your existing financial and talent resources.

Some of the many goals we’e helped our clients achieve through marketing planning include:

– Breaking previous records for both donations and earned revenue within one year of implementing a new brand strategy and marketing plan

– Increasing web traffic by over 500 percent in one year and nurturing 533 inbound leads to customers (previous sales were all achieved through outbound)

– Changing the conversation surrounding long-term unemployment

– Determining the impact and ROI of various marketing tactics in order to optimize marketing budget

Are you looking for results like these?


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