Media Coaching

We’re experts in coaching your spokespersons and leadership to position your organization in the best light possible during media interviews. This includes print, TV and radio opportunities.

Our media coaching curriculum includes:


Step 1 – Develop a strong voice and tone

You need to bring a level of energy and authority to every interview. Through a series of exercises, we’ll prepare you to quickly articulate your message with conviction and answer any question that is thrown your way. We train you to:
  • Tell an informative and compelling story
  • Confidently speak on the record
  • Be perceived as the expert


 Step 2 – Clearly communicate your message

Prosper works with your team to strategically develop key messages
for you to hit on during interviews. This ensures all of the main points are discussed and clearly communicated to the audience. We train you to:
  • Speak in short, concise sound bites
  • Weave in key messages
  • Redirect a conversation that is not going where you want it to

Step 3 – Refine body language

For on-air interviews, leaders need to ensure they are prepared for the pressure
that comes with being on camera. Prosper re-creates interview settings to give you the feeling of being in a studio and help you refine your appearance, body language and facial expressions all the while staying on theme with your message. We train you to:
  • Confidently sit, or stand, tall in any interview setting
  • Eliminate distracting habits
  • Calmly answer more difficult questions
This portion of training often involves engaging in “mock” interviews under TV lights with cameras rolling. There’s nothing like watching yourself on film to correct bad habits.

Step 4 – Make a connection

You need to be prepared to handle any situation, whether it be a nice, rambling reporter or an uninformed interrupter. And by establishing a connection with the reporter you’ll better be able to make a connection with the audience. We train you to:
  • Give off positive energy and make a good impression
  • Establish a rapport with reporters
  • Persuade and provoke action from your audience
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