Overcoming Your Nonprofit Marketing Team Challenges and Building Your Dream Team

Every nonprofit faces its own unique set of marketing challenges, but most organizations have one common goal: achieving their mission and making a positive impact on the communities they serve. Whether your organization has one person running all communications efforts, coordinates marketing efforts across multiple teams or employees with other responsibilities, or has an entire […]

How to Secure Nonprofit PR Coverage

Some nonprofit organizations struggle to secure media coverage while other, similar organizations seem to scoop it all up. Why is that? Often, it all comes down to how an organization is presenting itself in its messaging to the general public, across marketing materials and directly to reporters. At Prosper Strategies, we excel in securing media […]


How to Integrate Your Nonprofit Fundraising Plan With Your Marketing Plan

Recently, we’ve been working with more and more marketing directors who are also responsible for fundraising. It makes sense: successful marketing plans are those that are tied closely to nonprofit fundraising plans. Whether or not your responsibilities span both marketing and fundraising, integrating your nonprofit fundraising plan and your marketing plan leads to the best results. […]

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