What We Do:
Marketing Campaigns

Create campaigns that inspire impact.

An effective campaign is one that compels your organization’s stakeholders to take action, while at the same time inspiring them and making them feel part of something bigger than themselves.

Prosper Strategies plans and activates multi-channel campaigns that achieve important goals for our nonprofit clients ranging from awareness to fundraising, recruitment, and advocacy. Campaigns are centered around your brand strategy and campaign plan in order to maximize their impact on not just the goal at hand, but on your organization overall.

The types of campaigns we implement most frequently include:

Awareness Campaigns

Help your stakeholders learn about your organization, its mission and what they can do to get involved.

Brand Launch Campaigns

Bring your new brand to life and maximize its potential for impact.

Fundraising Campaigns

Build a successful year-round fundraising program or launch specific campaigns at key points in the year, such as the holiday season.

Recruitment Campaigns

Recruit clients, volunteers, staff or others and compel them to engage with your organization.

Advocacy Campaigns

Motivate your stakeholders to speak up and act on behalf of your cause.

Capital Campaigns

Reach your high-impact fundraising goals by developing a compelling case for support, reaching the right donors and motivating them to invest in your organization’s future.

  • Thanks so much for your hard work, Prosper! Clearly it was a good partnership, as we cannot bear to part from you 🙂 We've implemented a chunk of the digital marketing plan in the run-up to the screenings, including digital ads tests (running now), email push for the premiere, and basic website updates. Once we've jumped the first hurdle we're looking forward to deepening that work.

    Laura Fallsgraff
    Laura Fallsgraff Director of Engagement, Kindling Group

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