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Public Relations

Become known for your impact.

Reputation matters. Nowhere is that statement more true than in the nonprofit sector, where donors and other supporters hold organizations to extremely high ethical, moral and personal standards. Our approach to public relations focuses both on proactively building your reputation, through media relations, and reactively protecting it when challenges occur, through crisis communications.

Media Relations

If you want to raise awareness, build credibility and establish thought leadership, media relations may be a great fit for your nonprofit. Our clients are regularly covered in leading media outlets from the Chicago Tribune to The New York Times thanks to our forward-thinking approach to media strategy, our diverse network of reporter and producer contacts, our creativity, and most importantly, our eye for a great story. We’ve launched industry-leading surveys that the most well-known business publications clamor to cover every year, coordinated news conferences and events that have garnered primetime headlines and even facilitated client features on national morning shows like TODAY. How would coverage like that impact your organization?

We never conduct outreach just for the thrill of seeing your name in print. We make sure every story we pitch and every feature we secure is directly tied to your nonprofit’s goals and strategy. We’re also unwilling to abide by the common industry belief that media relations can’t be measured. We set quantitative goals for every media relations engagement and measure our impact through metrics like potential impressions, referral web traffic from media placements and shifts in domain authority due to backlinks included in media placements. We also offer media coaching  for your organization’s CEO or other spokespeople.

Crisis Communications

Proactive PR is so important because it creates a counter-narrative that stands in contrast to negative stories that can arise in times of crisis. However, some crises are unavoidable, and when that sort of crisis hits, you and your PR firm must be prepared to respond thoughtfully and strategically. Prosper Strategies has a defined and proven approach to crisis communications that will help your organization protect its reputation even in the most challenging situations. Our work focuses on:

  • Developing a crisis communications protocol or plan
  • Developing and training crisis response teams
  • Monitoring for potential crises
  • Strategizing and responding when crises occur (we can serve as your spokesperson when needed or advise another spokesperson)
  • Post-crisis response evaluation and optimization for the future
  • We’re extremely fortunate to have Prosper Strategies as our communications partner. Thanks to their media outreach efforts, the team at Prosper helped put Challenge Detroit on the map and their ongoing efforts ensure donors, supporters, the Detroit community and well beyond know who we are and our commitment to bringing together a diverse group of leaders to make a positive impact in Detroit and the region.

    Dierdre Greene Groves
    Dierdre Greene Groves Executive Director, Challenge Detroit

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