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Mango Languages is the leading provider of language learning software in the public library market. The company’s loveable language learning programs are available in more than 2,700 libraries across the country. As Mango Languages continues to innovate, the company is also quickly growing in the academic, corporate and primary school markets.


Prosper Strategies entered the picture in 2013 when Mango Languages was launching its newest product, Mango Premiere, which teaches language through feature film. Prosper Strategies executed a robust media campaign to position the product as a solution that would combat two of the largest language learning hurdles: time and interest. As a result of Prosper Strategies’ efforts, Mango Premiere was featured in The New York Times,, LifeHacker, Library Journal, Language Magazine and many more.

Following the successful introduction of Mango Premiere, a change in communications strategy was needed to support the company’s broader organizational objectives. Mango Languages set its sights on rapid growth in its academic and corporate markets, balanced with a focus on customer retention in public libraries as well as the other markets the company serves. Mango turned to Prosper to build and execute a communications strategy to foster that growth.


Remaining agile in the face of changing market conditions as well as client priorities is one of our team’s greatest strengths. While initially there was a need to raise awareness of Mango’s new product through a robust media effort, the company needed a sustained communications strategy that would increase inbound leads across all four of the core markets it serves. Prosper Strategies partnered directly with Mango’s marketing team to develop separate, yet cohesive marketing strategies to support the company’s work with public libraries, corporations, academic institutions and primary schools. We worked closely with sales teams to understand Mango’s ideal buyer and their journey to purchase and conducted outside research to glean important insights about industry trends that would shape our marketing efforts.


This resulted in the creation of marketing campaigns that leveraged highly targeted, creative content, including blogs, ebooks, checklists and webinars that would drive traffic to Mango Languages’ website and help the company capture important information about site visitors for their sales teams. While content approaches for each one of Mango’s markets varied, the overarching goal of all of the campaigns was to demonstrate the company’s partnership approach and holistic understanding of each sector, beyond language learning. Our content strategy was coupled with email marketing programs, so once leads entered the pipeline, they were educated via informational emails about Mango’s products in an effort to nurture them to close more quickly.

While Mango’s inbounding efforts are just beginning, the company is already seeing the results. Over a three month period, Mango has experienced a steady increase in site traffic, accounting for a 325% increase in news leads as well as heightened content engagement and email open rates among existing leads.

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