Media Relations

Media relations is strongest and most impactful when paired with other inbound marketing tactics that allow us to demonstrate direct return on investment. PR is taken to a whole new level when coupled with digital tactics that allow us to amplify and track every placement across multiple channels.

At Prosper Strategies, our clients have been covered in leading media outlets thanks to our diverse network of reporter and producer contacts, but more importantly because of our creativity and eye for a great story. We’ve launched industry-wide surveys cited in major national media outlets, developed infographics that have landed in top publications and coordinated news conferences and events that have garnered primetime coverage.

No cookie-cutter outreach here. It all comes back to our 4-D Approach that encompasses smart branding, strategy and the development of a plan that puts your company above the fold to showcase your game-changing work and differentiate you from the competition. We also work with you to parlay media coverage into a tool to help you educate people about your company, build thought leadership, drive traffic to your website and develop relationships with potential customers.

Thanks to our tailored approach to media relations, our clients have appeared on major national morning shows, including the TODAY Show and Fox and Friends, as expert commentators in national outlets including The Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and as regular contributors for outlets like Fast Company, Forbes and Time.

Learn more about the other tactics we use as part of the Drive phase of our 4-D Approach.

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