Four Ways to Build a Social Enterprise Blog Following

Your social enterprise blog may be full of valuable advice, but if you haven’t grown and nurtured an audience, it’s unlikely to be widely read. To build a social enterprise blog following, you need to put your content in front of your target audience and give readers good reason to keep returning for your new posts. If you’re ready to increase your readership, give these tips a try.

How Communicating With Data Visualization Can Help Your Nonprofit or Social Enterprise Appeal to Target Stakeholders

Imagine a list of data. Now, imagine a colorful chart. Which would you rather look at?
As a nonprofit or social enterprise, finding new ways to appeal to your target stakeholders can be difficult. But communications tactics like data visualization may help you reach the right donors or customers. After all, communicating with data visualization is all about condensing your messaging and impact into a visual format that’s easy to understand. And, 91 percent of people prefer engaging with visual content over traditional, text-based media.

Here’s how communicating with data visualization can help your nonprofit or social enterprise reach your target audience, with some tips to help you get started ...