Social Media

Social media is an important part of inbound and digital marketing at every phase of the buyer’s journey, from the time someone learns about your brand to when they make the decision to work with you and beyond. Connecting on the right social channels gives you the opportunity to engage your network in highly targeted ways based on your goals and their relationship with your company.

Whether through the launch of a new LinkedIn group specifically designed to help your network and showcase thought leadership to your industry peers or Twitter posts aimed at driving new leads to your content or amplifying media coverage, Prosper Strategies will help you leverage the right social media channels to share your message and put your brand in front of entirely new audiences. As part of our 4-D Approach, we develop a strategy to creatively help you build awareness, drive interest and engagement, convert fans and followers and turn customers into brand advocates.

We’ve created online communities for diverse groups including government agencies, publicly traded companies, caregivers, tech advocates, lawyers and digital marketers, where we’ve engaged thousands of fans and followers.

Learn more about the other tactics we use as part of the Drive phase of our 4-D Approach.

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