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Shape your nonprofit for a future of impact.

Strategic planning might be your most important responsibility as a nonprofit leader. A sound strategic plan shapes your organization’s goals for the future, determines which activities are best suited to advancing those goals, and gets everyone on your team and board rowing in the same direction to move your organization’s mission forward. The process of developing a strategic plan will force you to make difficult decisions about what your organization should do, and just as importantly, what it shouldn’t do. Ultimately, your strategic plan will allow you to work proactively, rather than reactively, to increase your organization’s impact.

And now, in the face of fallout from the COVID-19 crisis, you might be finding that your organization’s well-laid plans are going out the window. Adjusting your strategic plan quickly, and in some cases pivoting it entirely, is going to be a necessary part of ensuring your organization’s long-term survival.

Our strategic planning work focuses on:

  • Conducting primary and secondary research into your organization, financials, stakeholders and the ecosystem in which you exist
  • Organizing the right group of stakeholders, including leadership, staff, board members, program participants, community members, donors and funders, and more to participate in the strategic planning process
  • Designing and facilitating strategic planning workshops
  • Setting goals and determining the best metrics and practices for measuring against them
  • Determining what activities and initiatives your organization should engage in and avoid
  • Fostering effective relationships between board members and staff in the strategic planning process
  • Determining who on your team should be responsible for what
  • Developing written and documented strategic plans
  • Facilitating decisionmaking among your strategic planning committee and building consensus and understanding of strategic plan imperatives among other stakeholders
  • Turning strategic plans into action using project management tools and the other elements in the Nonprofit Impact System™ 
  • Helping your program, marketing and fundraising functions translate the strategic plan into their own plans for their work

Finding Focus is an important prerequisite for developing an effective strategic plan. Many clients choose to work with us to discover their reason for being and develop or refine their mission, vision, values and identity before engaging in the strategic planning process.

Strategy Success Story

  • Prosper Strategies’ Nonprofit Impact System™ is a game-changer for any nonprofit that wants to maximize its potential. This system helped us align our objectives with our values as we reimagine the Foundation’s future. It led our team to focus on the same goals, and I’m confident that it is going to help us expand our reach and become the most effective organization we’ve ever been.

    Valentina Texera Parissi
    Valentina Texera Parissi President and CEO at The Great Books Foundation

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