Katie NuckollsSenior Account Executive

Katie Nuckolls’ career is about using stories to drive change. From the chaos of newsrooms to running PR and marketing campaigns for financial firms, nonprofits and political campaigns, she has developed skills that enable her to apply a global perspective to a focused goal.

Katie began her career as a journalist, working in newsrooms in Chicago and D.C. where she was a part of bringing thousands of stories to life. Katie recalls the early mornings at the news desk when news broke about everything from the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act to the missing Malaysian airliner. Being on the front lines gave Katie the skills she needed to craft a story for any organization she works with.

Following her time in the newsroom, Katie worked on Capitol Hill for a freshman congressman, helping him maximize his exposure with local and national media and make his name in the political world. Katie’s work on Capitol Hill helped push congressional change to support families in need after Hurricane Sandy, end the stop-and-frisk policies in New York City and shed a light on the gun violence that has taken innocent lives across the country. The congressman has since gone on to speak at the 2016 DNC and remains an active voice in driving change in the communities he serves.

Katie has helped leading banking and financial investment firms improve strategic alignment in their marketing and public relations campaigns. Prior to her time at Prosper Strategies, she worked on the Financial Communications and Investor Relations team at Edelman focusing on PNC and UBS. Her work on PNC’s CPI – the Christmas Price Index® – campaign received over 300 million impressions as a result of her efforts and relationships at major business publications including Forbes and Fortune. With her strategic guidance, UBS was able to monitor Department of Labor progress in modifying the fiduciary rule, and better market to their financial advisors and their clients about the upcoming changes that would drastically affect the industry.

At Prosper Strategies, Katie plays an integral role in leading strategy and execution for many of the firm’s largest clients. She works with major media outlets around the country and has developed relationships where they are most important for Prosper’s clients. Katie enjoys working closely with marketing and sales teams to translate PR and marketing to organizational growth. Every day she works with like-minded social enterprises and nonprofits to help them achieve their missions and drive change where it’s needed most.

Katie is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago where she received a B.A. in journalism and a minor in political science.