Independent Sector & Prosper Strategies Webinar

Can Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Advance Equity?

Featuring Dorri McWhorter, CEO of YWCA Chicago

This webinar was held on September 18th, 2019.

Poverty porn, stereotype porn and stakeholder exploitation have long been hallmarks of nonprofit marketing and communications.

Creative concepts that highlight starving children, downtrodden veterans and hopeless people experiencing homelessness in an effort to “pull on the heartstrings of donors” have been utilized by nonprofits large and small for decades. 

But in the last few years, more and more nonprofit leaders have begun to recognize that marketing efforts are not a success if they marginalized, stereotype or otherwise disempower the people their organizations aim to serve. Some, like YWCA Chicago’s CEO Dorri McWhorter, have even gone a step further. They’ve begun to realize that marketing and communications can be leveraged to advance their organizations’ goals around equity and inclusion. If you’d like to learn from their example and evolve your organization’s approach accordingly, this is the webinar for you.

In this eye-opening conversation, we discussed:

What stereotype porn and poverty porn are and why they’re harmful

How your organization can move away from stereotype and poverty porn and toward marketing and communications that tell a more complete story about the people you aim to serve

How innovative nonprofits like YWCA Chicago are exploring the role marketing and communications can play in advancing equity, and how you can follow their example

This webinar focuses on Commitment #9 in the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto.  It is one of a series of 13 hosted by Prosper Strategies and Independent Sector over the course of 2019.

This Webinar Features:

Dorri McWhorter, CEO, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

Dorri became the CEO of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago in March 2013. Since then, she has embarked upon a journey to transform the 140-year-old social service agency to a 21st-century social enterprise. A proven leader in the corporate and social change sectors, Dorri prides herself on being a socially-conscious business leader throughout her career.

Alyssa Conrardy, President, Prosper Strategies

Alyssa Conrardy is the president and co-founder of Prosper Strategies, the country’s leading nonprofit marketing agency. She’s on a mission to help nonprofits realize the full potential of marketing so that the nonprofit sector can realize its full potential to change the world. 

Kristina Gawrgy Campbell, Director, Strategic Communications & Public Relations, Independent Sector

Kristina leads strategic communications planning for the organization and manages relationships with media and other partners. In addition to her communications role, Kristina also manages the organization’s diversity, racial equity, and inclusion portfolio.

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