At Prosper Strategies, we follow a proven 4-D Approach™ to help you communicate with impact, drive growth and measure the results attributed to your PR, digital and inbound marketing efforts.

Here’s how it works:



During Discovery, we evaluate several key elements of your brand to determine your positioning using our smart branding process. We conduct a competitive and industry analysis to determine how you stack up against others in your competitive set, but more importantly to identify areas where you can differentiate and dominate. Then, we take a look at your brand strengths: those unique assets that make up the fabric of who you are as an organization and why your customers, clients and supporters choose to work with you over others. Finally, through robust research, which can include surveys, stakeholder interviews and media audits, we evaluate what the market is telling us it needs in relation to your product or service.


Building off the insights gleaned during Discovery, we dive into strategic planning, where we Design your PR and marketing plan for success. Here, we define your target stakeholders and key messages. Then, we draw on the mix of tactics, including media relations, social media, converting content, search and web optimization and inbound marketing, to communicate your brand to the most influential audiences in a way that will help you meet and exceed your goals.


The Drive phase puts your plan into motion with tactics that move the needle toward growth and measurable results. We build out a detailed planning calendar that outlines messaging themes and how they will be carried out across tactics, including media relations, social media, creative content, search and web optimization and inbound marketing. You can expect quarterly strategies; monthly media, social media and creative content calendars aligned to your keyword strategy; and weekly meetings to recap campaign successes and challenges. Your entire campaign is managed through an online portal, accessible to you at any time, so you’re always able to check in on progress.


We work with changemaking organizations that want to use marketing to grow their bottom lines and, in turn, make a positive impact. Our goal is to increase awareness of your brand, drive traffic to your website, engage people with compelling content, capture more leads and help you close more sales or drive more support.

At the onset of your campaign, we establish benchmarks and build marketing goals and objectives that align with your business strategy. Then, we build a customer scorecard to measure your most critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Using data, we review campaign metrics on a regular basis to determine what’s working and to make campaign adjustments as needed. This information empowers you to make smarter decisions and directly tie marketing efforts to sales, impact and bottom line growth.

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