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We help nonprofits optimize every aspect of their organizations so they can make a bigger impact.

The challenges facing today’s families, communities and ecosystems are substantial, and they cannot be solved without a healthy, thriving nonprofit sector. However, running an effective nonprofit has never been more difficult. In a recent study, a majority of U.S.-based nonprofit CEOs said that producing results continues to get harder all the time. 

It’s not a lack of drive or dedication that holds nonprofits back from overcoming all the challenges they face. Usually, it’s one or more of the following factors: 

  • Lack of focus
  • Poor brand awareness
  • Unstable or poorly diversified funding streams
  • Insufficient strategy
  • Failure to leverage their people
  • Confusion about what success looks like and how to track it

We help nonprofits overcome these challenges with the following services:




Bring it All Together With the Nonprofit Impact System™

Your organization can engage with Prosper Strategies in any of the areas above, but you’ll be most effective if you bring them all together and choose to implement the entire Nonprofit Impact System™. Based on your organization’s strengths and areas of opportunity, we’ll design an engagement where we can work with you across some or all of the Nonprofit Impact System™ components, from Focus to Progress. 


  • I can’t say enough about these great folks. Very thoughtful and deep on strategy. They take the appropriate amount of time to become well versed in your subject matter, giving them the best insights to develop the best assets and strategy for you. We continue to rely on their wisdom and intelligence for our fund development work.

    Phil Zepeda
    Phil Zepeda Director of Communications, Robert R. McCormick Foundation

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