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We partner with nonprofit organizations and their stakeholders to build strategies that increase impact.

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Key Services | Nonprofit Consulting

We help nonprofits build smart strategies through five practice areas:

Strategic Planning

Engage your diverse stakeholders in the process of charting a course for your nonprofit’s future, and then put systems in place to ensure you bring your plans to life and maximize your impact.

Marketing and Communications Strategy

Advance your organization’s most important goals, from raising awareness, to cultivating advocates, to engaging new partners, with a smart marketing and communications strategy.

Fundraising and Development Strategy

Grow existing funding sources, develop new ones and ensure your organization’s longterm sustainability with a creative, digital-forward fundraising and development strategy.

Brand Strategy and Rebranding

Re-define or completely reimagine your nonprofit brand and identity so you can reach more people and do more good.

Coaching, Training and Speaking

Learn directly from Prosper’s co-founders Lindsay Mullen and Alyssa Conrardy through one-on-one executive coaching, group training, and speaking engagements focused on unlocking the power of strategy for your nonprofit.

Each of Prosper Strategies’ nonprofit consulting projects incorporates the Shared Power StrategyTM philosophy and Nonprofit Impact SystemTM method.


Work With Prosper Strategies?

The challenges facing today’s families, communities and ecosystems are substantial, and they cannot be solved without a healthy, thriving nonprofit sector. However, sustaining an effective nonprofit has never been more difficult. In a recent study, a majority of U.S.-based nonprofit CEOs said that producing results continues to get harder all the time. And it cannot be done without a smart strategic plan, supported by solid marketing, communications, fundraising and program strategies, all of which are based around the priorities of your organization’s many diverse stakeholders. Prosper Strategies is your nonprofit consulting partner in creating those strategies, bringing them to life, and helping your organization do more good for the people and communities you serve.

When you work with Prosper Strategies, you’re likely to experience some or all of the following:

  • A greater sense of clarity and focus
  • A deeper understanding of the priorities of your stakeholders and community
  • Improved brand recognition
  • Increased differentiation from other, similar organizations
  • Increased collaboration with partners and players inside and outside of the sector
  • Improved accountability and performance from all team members, from leadership to program staff
  • Healthier and more effective involvement from your board of directors
  • More impact for the people and communities you serve

Here are some other key reasons organizations like yours choose to partner with us:

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Four people standing together representing Prosper Strategies' commitment to equity

We’re nonprofit experts.

Prosper Strategies works exclusively with the social sector. We’ve helped hundreds nonprofits, from small community organizations like Arrowleaf, to major affiliated nonprofits like Feeding America and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, shape their strategies and advance their missions. We understand the unique nuances of the nonprofit sector and know what it takes to help you get results.

We’re thought leaders in the social sector.

Our approach is backed by our sector-leading research and insights. We regularly conduct sector-specific studies and develop models, data and insights that change the way the nonprofits tackle strategic challenges. Our leaders are frequently asked to speak at nonprofit conferences and regularly contribute to sites like Nonprofit Quarterly and textbooks used in nonprofit management programs at universities across the country.

Our work advances equity and inclusion.

Our Shared Power StrategyTM philosophy and Nonprofit Impact SystemTM method place people (your nonprofit’s stakeholders) at the center of our process, ensuring that the strategies we build together are deeply attuned to their priorities. This is a critical step in advancing equity and inclusion.

Explore Our Work

We work with nonprofits like yours to tackle complex challenges and build smart strategies that are aligned with the priorities of their stakeholders. Browse some of our recent projects to see how.

Case Study

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Learn how Boys & Girls Clubs of America partnered with Prosper Strategies to evaluate their messaging and evolve toward a more strength-based, equity-centered approach to communications.

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Case Study

McCormick Foundation

Let us show you how the Robert R. McCormick Foundation Communities Program partnered with Prosper to transform their messaging, grow their donor base and exceed their fundraising goals.

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Case Study

Comer Education Campus

Find out Comer Education Campus partnered with Prosper Strategies to rebrand and develop the accompanying marketing and communications plan — leading to a 13.8% increase in fundraising from the previous year.

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Case Study


Learn how iMentor Chicago partnered with Prosper Strategies to develop their messaging, identify new donors and build their case for support.

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Case Study


The organization formerly known as Rape Victim Advocates rebranded to become Resilience, transformed its messaging, and grew its impact. Here’s how they did it.

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Cute boy learning to ride a bicycle with his mother. Woman teaching son to ride bicycle at park.

Case Study

VOA Illinois

Find out how VOA Illinois (Volunteers of America – Illinois) collaborated with Prosper Strategies to create transformative messaging and an updated brand identity.

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Case Study

First Graduate

Learn how First Graduate completed a three-year strategic plan that was equitable, inclusive and would guide their organization for the next several years of growth.

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camp counselor and youth smiling

Case Study

SeriousFun Children’s Network

Learn how SeriousFun Children’s Network built a strategic plan to strengthen their Network of 30 Member Camps and Partner Programs.

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Case Study

Candor Health Education

Discover how the organization formerly known as the Robert Crown Center for Health Education rebranded to become Candor Health Education and better communicated the scope and impact of their work.

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Case Study

Earthfire Institute

Find out Earthfire Institute partnered with Prosper Strategies to build out their messaging, attract key donors and develop a strategic plan.

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