Seven Deadly Nonprofit Marketing Budget Sins: Part Two

In part one of this series, we introduced a few of the deadly sins nonprofits (and those who support and influence them) commit in regard to their marketing, fundraising and communications budgets. As anyone who works in the sector knows, nonprofit budget decisionmaking is complex. Even the most sophisticated, well-intentioned organizations make mistakes due to pressure or […]

Why Today’s Changemaking Companies Are Tomorrow’s Market Leaders

When we launched Prosper Strategies back in 2012, we made a very deliberate decision to work exclusively with changemaking organizations. For us, this included (and still includes) two specific types of clients: nonprofit organizations and for-profit social impact companies. Most of the people we talked in those early days understood the nonprofit component of the […]


Can social responsibility be a differentiator for your professional services firm?

Is your professional services firm struggling to generate qualified leads? Are you finding that you’re constantly competing on price? Does every new project require a major investment of time and energy just to get up to speed on an unfamiliar industry or subject matter area? These problems all have the same root: lack of focus. […]


Could Better Crisis Communication Save a Social Enterprise Like THINX?

What happens when it becomes clear that a social enterprise’s mission and messaging are totally misaligned with its management? What happens, at least if you’re the purportedly pro-feminist period-proof underwear company THINX, is that all Hell breaks loose. Last month, THINX co-founder Miki Agrawal stepped down from her role as the company’s CEO amid a […]


Creating a healthcare marketing strategy for a taboo topic

By nature, the healthcare industry touches some of the most emotional, personal and complex parts of people’s lives. That includes lots of things no one really wants to talk about–from death and disease to aging and the affordability of care. For marketers, this presents a particular challenge. After all, doesn’t marketing exist to get people talking about a […]

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