Transform your marketing, grow your organization’s impact.

Changemaker Marketing Lab is a six-month intensive marketing consulting program designed to help your nonprofit or social enterprise establish a powerful brand message, build an effective, achievable marketing plan and put it into action.

Let's face it.

Your cause isn't going to sell itself, no matter how compelling and important it may be. Just like traditional companies, nonprofits and social enterprises need smart, strategic marketing to grow.

But in reality, many changemaking organization don't give marketing the time, attention or strategic thought it deserves. If your organization is like many of the small and emerging social enterprises we know, one of these scenarios probably sounds familiar:

Scenario A: Too Many Hats

At your organization, marketing is just one of many hats worn by someone with several other important responsibilities, such as development, operations or HR. It's tough to make marketing a priority when you're doing the jobs of three other people.

Scenario B: Too Much to Do, Not Enough Time (or Strategy)

Your marketing team is small--it's just you, and maybe, if you're lucky a handful of others. You're constantly being pulled in several different directions--plan an event! develop a brochure! test out that new feature on Facebook!--and finding time to evaluate what's actually working and developing a plan that would help you operate more strategically feels next to impossible.

If one of these situations sounds like your reality, Changemaker Marketing Lab is for you. Give us your energy and creativity for the next six months, and we'll totally transform your organization's approach to marketing.

You'll walk away from Changemaker Marketing Lab with:

A compelling brand and messaging strategy

An effective, measurable marketing plan

The tools and training you need to put it into action

What Clients Are Saying:

  • We’re extremely fortunate to have Prosper Strategies as our communications partner. Thanks to their media outreach efforts, the team at Prosper helped put Challenge Detroit on the map and their ongoing efforts ensure donors, supporters, the Detroit community and well beyond know who we are and our commitment to bringing together a diverse group of leaders to make a positive impact in Detroit and the region.

    Dierdre Greene Groves
    Dierdre Greene Groves Challenge Detroit
  • There are firms that excel in marketing and strategy, and then there is Prosper Strategies, a team that blows everyone else away. With Lindsay, Alyssa and the whole Prosper team, your business gets a partnership that will allow you to grow, act, and thrive. Prosper Strategies will be your dedicated and tireless partner every step of the way-- from tailoring a unique and smart marketing plan, to executing on strategy, to delivering best-case scenario results that meet and exceed your goals. I partnered with Prosper Strategies on my first book campaign, and with their help, my novel debuted on the NY Times Bestseller List. I would not want to work with anyone but Prosper Strategies.

    Allison Pataki
    Allison Pataki Author, New York TImes Bestseller
  • Nonprofit HR enjoys working with marketing professionals that listen and understand their clients' needs. Prosper Strategies is not just our marketing partner, but we consider them to be a strategic team that gets how we work. Prosper Strategies offers sound marketing counsel and guidance that is forward thinking and very much in line with how we need to approach the industry we serve.

    Patty Hampton
    Patty Hampton Vice President/Managing Partner, Nonprofit HR

Here's how it works:


Meet your match

When you sign on for Changemaker Marketing Lab, you'll be matched with your two marketing coaches, all expert consultants at Prosper Strategies. Our consultants have diverse experience in areas such as media relations, social media and content marketing, and in sectors ranging from education to healthcare to tech. We'll match you with the duo best aligned with your organization.


Month One: DISCOVER Your Brand and Messaging Strategy

In the first month of Changemaker Marketing Lab, our coaches will meet with your team biweekly and take you through a series of creative exercises to build or refine your organization's mission, vision, values, point of difference, key messages and stakeholder personas. These elements are the foundation of effective marketing. Even if you already have some or all of these elements in place, it's crucial to re-evaluate and vet them to ensure they're truly resonant with your targets before we move into building your marketing plan. You might be surprised what you learn! At the end of Month One, you'll receive your first Changemaker Marketing Lab deliverable: a Brand Messaging Platform outlining the key elements of your organization's identity.


Month Two: DESIGN an Actionable Marketing Plan

With Your Brand and Messaging Strategy firmly in place, we'll jump into developing an effective Marketing Plan for your organization. You'll meet with your coaches bi-weekly to discuss your goals and objectives, brainstorm big creative ideas, assess internal marketing capabilities and uncover opportunities for growth. All month, your coaches will be working behind-the-scenes to build a marketing plan that will empower your organization to achieve its goals.

Unlike other marketing plans, ours are grounded in the realities of the nonprofit and social impact sectors. We know that your time and resources are limited, so we built a Priority Planning framework that's focused on identifying exactly which marketing activities have the greatest potential to impact your goals. Clients have told us that this framework is the very thing that transformed marketing from an activity that "always got pushed to the backburner" to "the most exciting and fulfilling part of my day."


Month Three: DRIVE Your Marketing Plan into Action With the Technology and Training You Need to Succeed

Whether you have a marketing team of one or an entire department, there's a good chance you don't have all the skills, knowledge and internal competencies required to execute on your marketing plan. In month three of Changemaker Marketing Lab, you'll meet with your coaches weekly for training and education sessions that will help you learn the skills that are crucial to your marketing plan's success. Your coaches will custom-tailor training sessions to your organization based on the tactics laid out in your marketing plan and the gaps on your team. We can cover everything from how to pitch the media to how to leverage hypertargeted social media ads to drive sales and donations.


Months Four - Six : DELIVER Marketing Results With Us By Your Side

At the end of Month Three, you'll be ready to fire up your marketing and turn your plans into reality, and we'll be by your side to ensure you get off to a smooth start. We'll continue to meet with your team bi-weekly during months four through six. We'll answer questions that come up as a result of your day-to-day work, review monthly metrics reports with you and identify ways to continue to optimize your marketing efforts. By the end of month six, you'll already be delivering measurable marketing results, and the best part? You'll have the strategy, tools and technologies in place to continue growing your impact.

Are You Ready to Invest In Growing Your Impact AND Your Bottom Line?

There are Two Ways to Participate in Changemaker Marketing Lab:

This summer, we introduced our first-ever Changemaker Marketing Lab Grant that will allow one organization to go through the entire six-month program (a $12,000 value) at absolutely no cost.

Why? As a B Corp, we’re one of more than 16,000 companies across the globe working to redefine success in business. For us, building a good company is as much about purpose as it is about profit. Giving our time and talents to deserving organizations through pro bono work is core to our mission and values.

Grant applications are officially closed for the year. Fill out the form below to be the first to know when the grant application reopens next year.

Stay Updated on the 2017 Changemaker Marketing Lab Grant

Applications will reopen summer 2017. Stay tuned. 


If your organization is ready to get started with Changemaker Marketing Lab now, fill out the form below to register. Because we pride ourselves on getting “in deep” with each and every client, we only offer Changemaker Marketing Lab to 10 organizations each quarter. Enter your information to ensure your spot will be reserved for a start date in Q3 2016.

We’ve structured Changemaker Marketing Lab to be affordable and accessible even for small organizations. The program investment is $2,000 per month for six months.

After we receive your information, we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have and discuss next steps. You can also email us directly at with questions.

Reserve Your Spot for Changemaker Marketing Lab Standard:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Changemaker Marketing Lab for?
Changemaker Marketing Lab is for nonprofits and social enterprises that do not have a marketing strategy. It’s also for those who have a strategy, but are unhappy with it because it isn’t producing meaningful, measurable results. If you want your organization to grow and feel you’re not maximizing the potential that marketing holds to help you get there, this program is for you.
What exactly do I get?

Each Changemaker Marketing Lab client receives over 120 hours of coaching, planning, strategy and consulting services from Prosper Strategies. This includes 14 one-on-one creative consulting and training sessions with your team and ours, plus a great deal of behind-the-scenes work to bring your brand strategy and marketing plan to life. You’ll walk away from Changemaker Marketing Lab with two key documents: a marketing plan and a brand strategy, plus the tools, knowledge and support you need to turn the plans into reality.

When does Changemaker Marketing Lab take place?
Applications are open for the 2016 Changemaker Marketing Lab grant July 12th – 29th. Calls with finalists will take place the week of August 1st, and a winner will be selected August 5th. Work will begin shortly thereafter, dependent upon the winning organization’s schedule.
For those who do not win the grant, or are just eager to get started right away, we’re also offering Changemaker Marketing Lab Standard beginning this month, and work can begin as early as July 20th. Due to the hands-on nature of this program, we only work with 10 Changemaker Marketing Lab clients each quarter.
Where will we meet?

If you’re in Chicago, we can meet at your office or ours. If not, we’ll set up a GoToWebinar portal and meet there for each of our sessions. We’ll also collaborate through our online project management portal Basecamp between meetings.

Why are you offering the grant?

As a certified B Corp, we believe that our company has a responsibility to pursue profit and purpose. This grant is our chance to give our time and talents to a deserving organization through pro bono work. It’s just the right thing to do.

When will we meet?

We can work around your schedule and will set up meetings at the convenience of your team. During months one and two, we meet bi-weekly. In month three, we meet weekly. We then scale back to bi-weekly meetings for the remainder of the program. We just ask that the core members of your team make themselves available for this type of schedule during the duration of the six-month engagement.

Who will we work with on your team?

When you begin Changemaker Marketing Lab, you’ll be paired with two of Prosper Strategies’ expert marketing consultants based. We’ll match you to the consultants best suited to your needs and industry. This team of two will coach you and guide your strategy through the entire duration of the program. Learn more about our team members here.

Who should participate from our team?

That’s totally up to you. The simple answer is anyone who has a stake in the strategy behind your organization’s marketing and growth. Sometimes, we work with just one person—often a marketing director or a founder. Other times, we work with a marketing team, or a few people in marketing roles and a few people in leadership or development. We can hold all our working sessions with as few as one and as many as 10 team members from your organization.

What if we already have a brand? We only need the marketing strategy.

Even if you already have a brand in place, the first month of Changemaker Marketing Lab is crucial. It gives you the opportunity to ensure your message is actually resonating with your stakeholders and to build or re-build foundational elements like stakeholder profiles and a point of difference statement that are key to effective marketing. We cannot customize Changemaker Marketing Lab to skip Month 1.

Is Changemaker Marketing Lab just for organizations that want to execute on their marketing plans internally?

No. While smaller social enterprises and nonprofits with smaller budgets are a great fit for this type of engagement, it can also work well for organizations that only want to execute some of their marketing activities internally and envision hiring a firm like Prosper Strategies for specific executional components. At the conclusion of the program, Prosper Strategies can take over some executional responsibly.

Who is Changemaker Marketing Lab wrong for?

If you think your organization’s brand and marketing strategy are already in a great place and you’re comfortable executing on them as they stand today, congratulations. You should skip Changemaker Marketing Lab and keep doing what you’re doing.  Others who should steer clear of this program are those who do not have time to attend at least one bi-weekly one-hour meeting with our team, and those who do not see marketing as a critical component of their organization’s success. Changemaker Marketing Lab is only for nonprofits and social enterprises. If you are not one of these types of organizations, we’d be happy to recommend another program that may be a better fit for you.

How do you know it works?

While we just launched Changemaker Marketing Lab as its own entity/brand, we’ve been engaging in this type of work for over four years with our retainer clients, who include everyone from small social enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. And their feedback tells us all we need to know. See testimonials here.

But that’s not the only reason we know this program is effective. We also put a strong emphasis on metrics and measurement in our marketing plans, and provide every client with a KPIs dashboard they use to track their marketing results. Our clients consistently demonstrate month-over-month growth toward their goals after going through our brand strategy, strategic planning and training process. But Changemaker Marketing Lab is only as good as what you put into it. You’ll need to actually do the work we recommend to see the results.

What are your marketing plans like? What is this about Priority Planning?
If there’s one thing we’ve learned in working with nonprofits and social enterprises it’s that there is never enough time or money to go around for marketing. This is true of small organizations and big ones alike. So we’ve developed a unique Priority Planning framework that removes the trap many organizations fall into when building a marketing plan. The Priority Plan is centered in your goals. We first determine what the 3-6 biggest things you want to accomplish this year are, and how they’ll be measured. Then, we determine 3-5 priority activities that will be required to bring each of those goals to life. No more. Finally, we map those activities to a calendar and assign them to members of your team so that there is true accountabilty for how and when work is to get done. It’s an amazing system, and it ensures that your marketing plan actually gets used rather than collecting dust on a shelf. It’s also evergreen. We’ll build a 12-month plan together, but the structure of the plan is set up so that you can continue to add to it and modify it each quarter for years to come.
What does the brand strategy include?

The deliverable in the brand strategy phase of our process includes a mission, vision, stakeholder profiles, point of difference and key message matrix. These elements are the foundation of successful marketing. If you already have some of them in place, month one is an important opportunity to vet and optimize them.

How much does it cost?

Changemaker Marketing Lab is a $12,000 investment, which can be paid in six monthly installments of $2,000. We also offer a Changemaker Marketing Lab grant through which one deserving organization is given the opportunity to go through the program completely free of charge each year.

What kinds of things will you train us on in month three?
Our training is fully customized and based on your marketing strategy. After developing your marketing plan, we work with you to assess which of the recommended tactics you feel you need to get up to speed on most. We then build a sequence of training sessions targeted at those specific tactics. Some of the tactics we may recommend and train on include:
  • Media relations – pitching the media and getting them to tell your organization’s story
  • Social media – building a compelling presence on social media and engaging your stakeholders through both paid and organic content
  • Content marketing – using content like case studies, blogs, annual reports, ebooks and white papers to educate your stakeholders and drive them to take action
  • Inbound marketing – attracting the right kind of traffic to your website, using forms to capture their contact information and then nurturing them through a decision to buy or donate
  • Web optimization and SEO – making your website into a more effective communication, sales or fundraising vehicle, with or without coding skills, and getting found on search engines
  • Measurement – tracking key performance indicators and analytics to determine the impact of your marketing and optimize accordingly
We can also train on much more specific tactics and tools, such as:
  • Social media fundraising
  • Google AdWords for nonprofits
  • Email marketing with software like MailChimp, Aweber or HubSpot
  • Annual report development
  • Event planning and promotion
  • … and much more
Tell me more about how months four – six work. What do we get during that timeframe?

At the conclusion of month three, you’ll have a brand strategy, a marketing plan and the training you need to turn it into reality. Months four – six are all about seeing that you get off to a highly successful start. At our meetings, we’ll review the progress you’re making on the current items in your marketing plan, go over your monthly metrics report to determine opportunities for optimization, provide additional ongoing training as needed and be your strategic sounding board.

How are you selecting grant applicants?
Grant applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • Need for the services offered in Changemaker Marketing Lab
  • Understanding of the importance of marketing strategy
  • Ability to execute on recommendations made in the marketing plan
  • Alignment with Prosper Strategies’ services and values
  • Overall impact of their work
  • Desire to grow through marketing
I don’t have the time or resources to participate in Changemaker Marketing Lab now but I want to in the future. What should I do?

The Changemaker Marketing Lab Grant is only offered beginning in Q3 2016. However, slots are available for Changemaker Marketing Lab standard on a rolling basis (10 slots available at a time). Fill out the Changemaker Marketing Lab standard form above or contact us to reserve a spot for the future.

I still have more questions. What should I do?

Talk to us! We know this is a big commitment, and we’re more than happy to chat. You can call Alyssa at 312-955-0926 or email any time.

Get In Touch.

Send us an email and someone from our team will follow up with you shortly.