10 Commitments to Strengthen Your Nonprofit

Last week, we asked if your nonprofit was ready to make a bigger impact with the new Nonprofit Impact System™. Now, we want to share something more — the 10 commitments your nonprofit can make today to start that process.

The challenges facing our planet, our communities, and our families are significant. Our world has lost half its wildlife in the last 50 years. Ten percent of the world’s population still lives in extreme povertyHunger has been on the rise globally since 2015. Here in America, Black and Latinx students continue to see fewer opportunities for educational advancement. Economic inequality continues to grow. More than 1.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Death from gun violence has reached its highest rate in over two decades. And now, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered both a public health crisis, and an economic one.

Every day, nonprofits are taking meaningful action to combat these problems, but they face obstacles that hold them back from doing all they could to truly make an impact, including growing demand, shrinking resources and an accelerating nonprofit starvation cycle.

These problems are substantial, but we are not powerless against them. The Nonprofit Impact System™ can transform how your nonprofit operates. Implementing the System takes time, but you can begin today with The Nonprofit Impact Manifesto.

The Nonprofit Impact Manifesto: 10 Critical Commitments For Your Organization

You may already be familiar with our Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto, which challenged the ways that nonprofits have long thought about the role of marketing in advancing their missions. As we’ve worked with hundreds of nonprofits over the years, we’ve found that marketing challenges typically find their roots in much deeper strategic and organizational challenges, and we’ve broadened our focus as a firm to address these critical aspects of nonprofit effectiveness. This manifesto reflects that expanded focus.

The Nonprofit Impact Manifesto challenges everyone in nonprofit leadership roles to make 10 commitments that will allow their organizations to better work with and for the people they serve.

These include commitments like:

  • Commitment #1: We will exist not because we can, but because we must. We recognize that our organization should only exist if it is truly distinct from all other nonprofits in our ecosystem.
  • Commitment #6: Each key function of our organization will have its own strategy and sufficient budget. We recognize each of our organization’s key functions deserves its own strategy and budget in alignment with our strategic plan.
  • Commitment #7: We will co-create change. We will seek input from our stakeholders, especially those who benefit from our programs and services, as we shape our strategy and do our work.

When individual nonprofit organizations take action to become more effective, it strengthens the nonprofit sector as a whole. For more on each of these and the other seven commitments, download The Nonprofit Impact Manifesto today and start making the 10 commitments in your own organization.

The Nonprofit Impact Manifesto™


There are four key elements every nonprofit must master to achieve its full potential: Focus, Strategy, People and Progress. Learn more below or begin using the Nonprofit Impact System™ today.

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