Introducing: Our 2021 Webinar Calendar – Breaking Down the 10 Commitments in the Nonprofit Impact Pledge

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If you’ve been following along with the latest news out of Prosper Strategies so far this year, you know that we’ve been focused on introducing the world to The Nonprofit Impact Pledge, which has brought together nonprofit leaders and funders to reimagine and commit to a new future for the nonprofit sector. Initial signers like OneGoal and AIDS Foundation of Chicago have led the way in making these commitments, and new organizations are signing on every week. You can add your organization to their ranks here.

But as excited as we are about the momentum around The Nonprofit Impact Pledge, we know that the commitments within it will only take our sector so far. Ultimately, they are just words, and those words must be followed up with deliberate, daily action if we wish to create a better future for the nonprofit sector, for the good of all.

That’s why our 2021 webinar series is focused exclusively on breaking down the 10 commitments in The Nonprofit Impact Pledge and helping both nonprofits and their funders learn how to take action on them. Prosper Strategies is not the teacher in these conversations, but rather the convener. All year, our webinar series will bring together pairs and panels of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders to talk about the specific steps the sector needs to take to move into a better future after a tumultuous and eye-opening 2020. 

The full webinar schedule is below, with topics laid out month-by-month. Check back often as we’ll be updating this schedule frequently with specific dates and panelists/speakers as we secure them.

2021 Webinar Schedule

  • March: New Approaches to Nonprofit Mergers, Partnerships and Collaboration
    (Commitment 1: We collaborate, not compete.)
  • April: Mission Mistakes: Why Your Nonprofit Struggles to Stay Focused and What You Can Do About It
    (Commitment 2: We will be guided by our mission, vision and values.)
  • May: The Equity-Centered Nonprofit: What It REALLY Means to Prioritize Equity in Your Nonprofit’s Work
    (Commitment 3: We will center equity and racial justice in our work.)
  • June: Ending Dysfunctional Nonprofit-Donor-Funder Relationships, Once and For All
    (Commitment 4: We will do our part to foster healthy relationships between nonprofits, donors and funders.)
  • July: Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail? How Strategic Plans Can Help or Harm Our Nonprofits
    (Commitment 5: We will have a plan, and we will know when to re-evaluate it.)
  • August: Rethinking Community Voice: How Our Communities Should Shape Our Nonprofits’ Priorities
    (Commitment 6: We will ensure the people and communities we work with have the power to shape our priorities.)
  • September: Why Brand (Still) Matters in the Nonprofit Sector
    (Commitment 7: We will ensure we are known among and accessible to those who need our services and those who can support our work.)
  • October: Revolutionizing Nonprofit Work: Putting an End to the Dysfunctional Practices that Impact our People and Hold the Nonprofit Sector Back
    (Commitment 8: we will prioritize our staff and volunteers.)
  • November: A New Approach to Nonprofit Accountability: Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Impact for the Good of Your Community
    (Commitment 9: We will redefine what success looks like and hold ourselves accountable to our communities.)
  • December: More Powerful Actions Your Nonprofit Can Take to Build a Better Future Now
    (Commitment 10: We will prioritize action over intention.)

If you feel strongly that the sector can learn something from YOU on one of these topics, don’t hesitate to reach out. We still have several speaker spots to fill!

See our full library of past webinars here, and keep an eye on your email – we’ll notify you there when each of the webinars above are open for registration.

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