Prosper Strategies’ proven 4-D Approach™ is specifically designed to deliverable measurable results for nonprofits, for-profit social impact companies, and education organizations.

Here’s how it works:


What sets you apart from others in your competitive set? What are your brand’s strongest assets and unique differentiators? Who are your stakeholders and what is it about your organization that gets them excited? Is it your mission or purpose-driven approach, your business model or the story of those you impact? Through conversations with your leadership and stakeholders, as well as industry research, we get to the heart of who you are and what you do during the Discover phase of our process.


During our Design phase, we explore the most effective ways to support your goals with marketing and PR, while taking what we learned during Discovery to amplify your opportunity and impact. This can mean rewriting your mission statement, creating better marketing/sales alignment, or identifying more creative ways to show your donors their dollars at work. At the end of this phase, you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of your stakeholders, key messages and the tactics we’ll leverage to reach your audience when and where they’re paying attention.


The Drive phase puts your plan into motion with tactics that move the needle toward growth and measurable results. Whether your goal is to raise awareness, engage target audiences or incite a particular action, we’ll draw on our expertise in the nonprofit, for-profit social impact and education sectors to deliver. This could range from developing a platform for thought leadership to securing coverage in targeted national outlets to engaging in industry-relevant conversations on social media or helping you drive more leads.


We’re committed to measuring marketing and PR’s impact on your mission and your bottom line––this is what our ongoing Deliver phase is all about. That’s why we set benchmarks based on our expertise and industry standards, develop custom reporting for each one of our client campaigns and review our results with you often. We love the transparency data provides and use it to guide our focus for maximum success.

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