Overcoming Your Nonprofit Marketing Team Challenges and Building Your Dream Team

Every nonprofit faces its own unique set of marketing challenges, but most organizations have one common goal: achieving their mission and making a positive impact on the communities they serve. Whether your organization has one person running all communications efforts, coordinates marketing efforts across multiple teams or employees with other responsibilities, or has an entire […]

How to Set SMART Marketing Objectives For Your Education Organization

Marketing is essential to the growth and impact of your education organization, and executing a successful marketing campaign in education is no easy feat. This is why your education organization needs SMART marketing objectives. SMART marketing objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely targets you set to track your organization’s progress in fulfilling its […]

Love ‘em or hate ‘em: Why Your Social Enterprise Should Create a System for Annual Reports Now

If you’re the type that scrambles during annual reports season, here’s why you should change your ways. Consistent reporting can help you scale your organization You will have a lens into your successes and shortcomings Giving your stakeholders regular information will keep them happy and informed While it’s not always simple or fun to hunker […]

How to Secure Nonprofit PR Coverage

Some nonprofit organizations struggle to secure media coverage while other, similar organizations seem to scoop it all up. Why is that? Often, it all comes down to how an organization is presenting itself in its messaging to the general public, across marketing materials and directly to reporters. At Prosper Strategies, we excel in securing media […]

The 6 Essential Elements of Effective Education Brands

Does your education organization have a marketing strategy? All effective education brands should. But according to a Hanover Research survey, only 60 percent of higher education marketing administrators said they were working from a brand strategy. No matter who uses your company’s services — teachers, parents, students or school leaders — reaching them with the right […]

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