Whitepaper: Nonprofit Brand 2.0

The nonprofit sector is in the midst of a major transformation in its approach to brand.

The old nonprofit branding paradigm treated brand as a tool for fundraising.

Brands were about building visibility and awareness among target audiences in order to drive financial support. Plain and simple.

But today’s most innovative nonprofits are recognizing that this thinking is far too narrow. They’re moving to a new nonprofit branding paradigm that recognizes brand as a tool for driving internal cohesion and capacity, mission advancement and social impact.

Download this ebook to learn what nonprofits like The Y and Opportunity International are doing to move toward the new nonprofit brand paradigm. Then, score your nonprofit brand on the Brand IDEA Framework to determine whether it’s ready for the future.

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What’s inside This Ebook?

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A primer on the new nonprofit brand paradigm, which recognizes the broad power of nonprofit brands
  • Examples of three nonprofits utilizing the new brand paradigm for different aims, including Opportunity International, The Y and Chicago Methodist Senior Services
  • An introduction to the Nonprofit Brand IDEA Framework, which was developed by researchers at Harvard and can help you move toward the new nonprofit brand paradigm
  • A Nonprofit Brand IDEA Framework Scorecard which you can use to determine whether your nonprofit brand is future-ready