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The health of your organization depends on effective fundraising and development.

Americans are generous. Individuals, bequests, foundations and corporations gave an estimated $427.71 billion to U.S. charities last year. However, that huge number doesn’t tell the whole story. Total giving has been declining for several consecutive years, and shifts in the tax code, social impact landscape, donor demographics and confidence about giving in light of the economic fallout from COVID-19 are making it more challenging than ever to retain existing donors and attract new ones. Thankfully, your organization can overcome these challenges with a smart fundraising and development strategy.

Our fundraising strategy work focuses on:

Annual Fundraising and Development Planning

Build a comprehensive plan for all your fundraising and development activities over the next year in direct response to your organization’s strategic plan. Set goals, define the activities needed to achieve them, assign responsibilities, and get a birds-eye view of everything that is happening across all of your funding sources, campaigns, stewardship communications, acquisition efforts and solicitations.

Campaign Strategy

Vet the feasibility of a capital campaign or other major fundraising initiative, set goals and develop a detailed plan for achieving them. We also work with nonprofits like yours to design campaign strategies for specific time periods, such as end-of-year giving.

Donor Identification

Identify the individual and institutional donors and foundations most likely to give to your organization, find out what will compel them to support you, profile them and create target lists,  and build relationships that matter.

Donor Acquisition

Find new donors online and off, acquire their contact information, educate them about your organization and nurture them toward the decision to give. Our revolutionary Facebook-based donor acquisition programs have helped our clients acquire 1,000+ new donor prospects in less than a month.

Stewardship Strategy

Keep your donors engaged in and excited about your work, thank them for their support, and build strong relationships so they’ll be more likely to give next time you ask.

Some of the results we’ve helped our clients achieve through fundraising strategy include:

  • 30% growth in private donations over one year
  • 121% growth in grant funding over one year
  • 1,100 new donor leads acquired in one month

growth in private donations over one year

growth in grant funding over one year

Fundraising Success Story

  • I can’t say enough about these great folks. Very thoughtful and deep on strategy. They take the appropriate amount of time to become well versed in your subject matter, giving them the best insights to develop the best assets and strategy for you. We continue to rely on their wisdom and intelligence for our fund development work.

    Phil Zepeda
    Phil Zepeda Director of Communications, Robert R. McCormick Foundation

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