What We Do:
Marketing Strategy

Develop marketing and communications plans that move your mission forward.

Your nonprofit can’t achieve its full potential without a marketing and communications strategy that is closely aligned with its strategic plan and theory of change. 

That’s why we begin every marketing strategy engagement by asking you about your organization’s most important goals over the next few years. Then, we build a marketing plan to achieve those goals – from raising awareness, to raising funds, to attracting volunteers, clients and advocates. 

When you work with Prosper Strategies on your marketing strategy, you’ll transition your marketing function from a reactive one where you’re putting out fires and responding to requests, to a proactive one, where you’re measurably moving your mission forward through marketing. We understand the realities that organizations like yours must operate within, so we use our proprietary Priority Planning Framework to build marketing plans that make the most of your existing financial and talent resources.

Our marketing strategy work focuses on:

Organization-Wide Marketing Planning

Develop a comprehensive and achievable plan to move your organization’s most important goals forward through marketing. Our organization-wide marketing plans include sections like:

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Tactical Selection 
    • Including tactics like email marketing, social media, content, media relations, influencer marketing, media relations, Facebook and Google advertising, events, and much more
  • Tactical Recommendations
  • Priority Recommendations
  • Marketing Budget
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Marketing Scorecard

Campaign Planning

Create a plan for bringing a specific campaign to life with a smart strategy, compelling creative and clear success metrics. Nonprofits work with us on their end-of-year fundraising campaign plans, capital campaign plans, brand awareness campaign plans, recruitment campaign plans and more.

Marketing Plan Implementation Coaching

We want every organization we work with to walk away from a marketing strategy engagement with the skills, tools and resources they need to effectively implement the plans we’ve built together. That’s why we provide hands-on marketing plan implementation training for anyone on your team who will be responsible for execution, and connect you with the right resources to oversee any tactics you prefer not to implement internally.

Marketing Strategy services are often most effective when paired with one or more of our audits and a Brand Positioning and Messaging Strategy.

Some of the results we’ve helped our clients achieve through marketing planning include:

  • 30% growth in private donations over one year
  • 121% growth in grant funding over one year
  • 1,100 new donor leads acquired in one month
  • 800 new volunteers recruited in six months
  • 27% overall revenue growth over one year

Growth in private donations

Growth in revenue

  • Thanks so much for your hard work, Prosper! Clearly it was a good partnership, as we cannot bear to part from you 🙂 We've implemented a chunk of the digital marketing plan in the run-up to the screenings, including digital ads tests (running now), email push for the premiere, and basic website updates. Once we've jumped the first hurdle we're looking forward to deepening that work.

    Laura Fallsgraff
    Laura Fallsgraff Director of Engagement, Kindling Group

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