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partnerships with changemakers like you.

Moving your mission forward isn't easy.

It requires constant innovation, passionate leadership, and yes, effective marketing that raises awareness and inspires action. From our years of experience working with fast-growing social enterprises and innovative nonprofits, we know what it takes to make an impact on your goals, mission and bottom line.

We’ve built our approach accordingly, and work with organizations like yours in several ways:

Brand Strategy and Marketing Planning

Your brand is so much more than your logo, name and color scheme. It’s a promise that conveys who you are, what you do and why it matters, and it’s a critical tool for driving both internal cohesion and mission impact. We help nonprofits and social enterprises like yours better define or even completely reimagine your brands. Then, we work with you to develop the marketing plans and strategies you need to bring your brand to life, advance your organization’s goals and make a bigger mission impact.


If you need an agency partner to bring the strategies and plans we’ve built together to life, we’re ready for a long-term relationship. Every day, our team of skilled marketers implement campaigns that involve tactics like inbound marketing, content marketing, media relations, social media, and web and search optimization  for nonprofits and social enterprises like yours.


If your team has the resources and desire to fulfill your organization’s day-to-day marketing needs internally but you lack the necessary structure or skillsets, our Marketing Enablement services may be a great fit for you. Get the training and coaching you need to make marketing a bigger contributor to your organization’s impact.

Education and Insights

Marketing is a rapidly evolving practice in nonprofit and social enterprise sectors. We’re committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve with research, insights, webinars and other resources that will empower you to work smarter. We also speak around the country on nonprofit marketing and teach the only online course on nonprofit brand and marketing strategy, Changemaker Marketing Lab Online.

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Success Stories


Every organization has different goals and challenges, so each Marketing Strategy and Execution engagement is different. Browse our success stories to see the results of our work with Prosper clients.

When you’re ready to start the conversation about working together on marketing strategy and execution, get in touch.


Changemaker Marketing Lab


Changemaker Marketing Lab Online is the world’s first online marketing school designed just for social enterprises and nonprofits. The program will guide you through the process of strengthening your brand messaging and developing a marketing plan. Then, it will teach you how to use the most effective tactics and technologies to bring that plan to life and drive more change. Round 1 is in session now, and round 2 will begin in Q4 2018. The waiting list is now open.


Hire Lindsay or Alyssa to Speak

Prosper Strategies co-founders Lindsay Mullen and Alyssa Conrardy are regularly called upon by groups from Google to Boys & Girls Clubs of America to speak to their audiences about marketing, impact and the intersection between the two.

Example keynote topics include:

Magnetism: Apply the Inbound Marketing Methodology to Drive More Results for Your Nonprofit

From Anonymous to Evangelist: Using Digital Data to Get to Know Your Prospective Donors

Business as a Force for Good: Why Prosper Strategies Joined the B Corp Movement and How You Can Too

Media Relations 101 for Social Enterprises and Nonprofits: How to Garner Impactful Media Coverage over the Long Haul

Conscious in Crisis: Managing Crisis Communications as a Nonprofit or Social Enterprise


Plan to Prosper: A Guide to Building an Achievable, Impactful Marketing Plan for Your Social Enterprise or Nonprofit (workshop style)

Messaging Mission: A Guide to Developing a Powerful Brand Messaging Platform for Your Social Enterprise or Nonprofit (workshop style)

Today’s Impact Organizations are Tomorrow’s Market Leaders: How Consumer Preference is Shifting to Favor Social Enterprise

Marketing the Enterprising Nonprofit: How Nonprofits with a Business Model can Achieve More Marketing Results

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