Webinar Recap: Rethinking Your Nonprofit’s Mission, Vision and Values in a Post-COVID-19 World

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COVID-19 has changed almost everything about how nonprofits operate, from the way they hire to the programs they offer. Some organizations have even been compelled to re-evaluate their missions, visions, and values during this time of challenge and change in order to make sure they’re well-positioned for a future that is different from anything any of us could have imagined just 14 months ago.

In our webinar, which originally aired on May 18th, we spoke with Horizons National, an organization in the midst of a mission, vision and values re-evaluation. We discussed:

  • The challenges and successes Horizons National has experienced in the process of re-evaluating its mission, vision and values
  • How conversations about equity and inclusion have entered into the work Horizons National is doing on its statements
  • How Horizons is balancing shaping its vision for the future with the uncertainty that exists as the world begins to recover from COVID-19
  • How Horizons National intends to incorporate its new mission, vision, and values into the fabric of the organization and use these elements to guide decisionmaking and behavior

You can access the webinar recording for free here.

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