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Strengthen Your Mission, Vision and Values, Strengthen Your Nonprofit.

Your mission, vision and core values are more than just statements – they’re the heartbeat of your organization. They establish the reason your nonprofit exists, the outcomes you’re looking to drive, and the mindset you aim to maintain across everyone on your team and board as you do the work. They also serve as a filter through which every decision you make must pass. We’ll help you develop or refine each of these elements:

  • Vision: the future you would create if your organization achieved all its goals
  • Mission: the work you are doing every day to drive toward your vision – what you do, who you do it for, and the intended impact
  • Core Values: a set of guiding principles that shape the behavior and decision making of everyone on your nonprofit team

Our vision, mission and core values work is typically done in a workshop setting, with input from a variety of internal and external stakeholders. We put a particular emphasis on involving your nonprofit’s program participants. Additionally, because of the strategic importance of your mission, vision and core values, board members often need to be involved in their development and approval, and some change management work can also be helpful. Prosper Strategies is experienced at facilitating both.

Success Story

  • Prosper Strategies’ Nonprofit Impact System™ is a game-changer for any nonprofit that wants to maximize its potential. This system helped us align our objectives with our values as we reimagine the Foundation’s future. It led our team to focus on the same goals, and I’m confident that it is going to help us expand our reach and become the most effective organization we’ve ever been.

    Valentina Texera Parissi
    Valentina Texera Parissi President and CEO at The Great Books Foundation

Are you ready to develop or refine your nonprofit’s mission, vision and values through a partnership with Prosper Strategies? Get in touch.