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How Prosper Strategies helped a 119-year old nonprofit unveil its new brand to reach more seniors and their loved ones.

The Challenge

Chicago Methodist Senior Services (CMSS) is one of the most well-established senior networks and state-of-the-art memory loss facilities, not just in Chicago but throughout the Midwest. However, many of the people who could benefit from their skilled nursing, supportive and assisted living, rehab and long-term care offerings were unaware of the breadth of CMSS’ services.

In addition to helping the organization launch a refreshed brand, Prosper Strategies worked with CMSS to build its profile as a leader in aging services. For the first time in the organization’s history, we implemented PR and digital marketing strategies that would educate potential residents and their family members about its services, while encouraging them to get to know CMSS and plan a visit.


During Prosper Strategies’ initial campaign exploration, discussions with CMSS leadership as well as industry research made it evident that communications needed to resonate not just with potential residents, but also their caregivers, who were often their grown children. These individuals wanted to know that their parents would not only be cared for with compassion, but that they would have access to the most well-trained, knowledgeable geriatric care specialists in the Midwest. The organization’s existing messaging and marketing materials were not doing the job as well as they could.


Prosper Strategies worked closely with a leading branding firm to conduct a major overhaul of the CMSS brand. Prosper’s focus was on the development of more relatable and approachable messaging that could be used across the marketing mix. Prosper Strategies also developed a robust media relations, search engine optimization and paid digital strategy to drive qualified traffic to CMSS’ website. We designed the organization’s first-ever marketing funnel, which outlined the path a person takes from first learning about CMSS to moving in as a resident, and we coupled this with a blogging and content plan that would drive the organization closer to its lead generation goals.


With our strategy in place and the new brand and messaging at the forefront, we began making technical fixes to CMSS’ website that led to an immediate boost in web traffic and increased domain authority. Additionally, Prosper Strategies focused on securing media coverage for CMSS that would position the organization as a leader in senior and dementia care, landing placements in outlets including the Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, NPR affiliate WBEZ and many more. And, we developed blog content aimed at answering some of the most pressing questions caregivers have when researching online. With more visitors on the site, we leveraged compelling content pieces to encourage people to engage and interact with CMSS, ultimately driving more web contacts. Once these contacts were familiar with the organization, we kept them informed of relevant events and resources and encouraged them to further connect with CMSS via a regular newsletter.


Select work product, including CMSS website and media coverage secured by Prosper Strategies.


Driving so many components of CMSS’ strategy has allowed Prosper Strategies to take a holistic approach to increasing the organization’s visibility, while also progressing toward bottom line goals. We’ve seen measurable increases in potential media impressions, web traffic and new web contacts as a result of our work. For example:


average number of blog sessions per quarter

  • Visits

 31% increase in organic traffic from 2018 to 2019 

338 million

media impressions since we began our work together in 2014

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