How To Make Your Personality a Bigger Part of Your Social Entrepreneur Brand

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For today’s social enterprises, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make it easier than ever to be an ambassador for your cause and connect with other people who are also interested in striving toward a better future. So, why not leverage your company and cause on a more personal level? Social enterprises are, at their core, about humanism, and establishing yourself as the face of your company can help ensure authenticity, transparency and empathy among your customer base.

Don’t be afraid to be a bigger part of your brand and show your personality in your marketing. Here’s how you can make it happen in a way that feels genuine for your audiences:

Clearly express why you chose your personal path

As we discussed in a previous blog, origin stories are an important part of establishing a social entrepreneur brand. Through social media channels and other marketing outreach like email newsletters and events, you can use your origin story to personally express why you chose to do what you do.

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You know you don’t just own a business for the sake of profits –– you want to have a lasting, meaningful impact on the world –– and you can express that to your audience in your own words. When you do this, your customers will be able to relate with your own ambitions and concerns, and in turn, feel compelled to support you in your cause.

Bridge the gap between personal and professional life

Of course, work/life balance is a necessity, and it’s important to strike that balance in your day-to-day. But there’s a reason why Instagram has become such a popular platform: People like observing the everyday lives of people they admire. So, you can leverage this desire by giving stakeholders a window into your life, and showcase what inspires you every day. Some of that may be what you’re doing at work, and some may be what you do when you leave the office, like volunteering or participating on a nonprofit board, or even just making a delicious meal at home.

Every brand has the potential to become a lifestyle brand, so show your customers what your lifestyle is like in relation to the product or service you’ve created, and how your desire to make a difference translates into that lifestyle.

Establishing yourself as the face of your #socent can help ensure authenticity, transparency and empathy among your customer base. Click To Tweet

Eventually, you may even be able to establish your social entrepreneur brand in such a way that you can leverage it for other passion projects. When you have a following for your personal social entrepreneur brand, you can make an even greater impact on the causes you care about.

Encourage your team to join the conversation

If you don’t want to be the sole ambassador for your social enterprise, that’s okay! You can bring particularly vocal members of your team on board as additional brand ambassadors to show there are different viewpoints and strengths that exist within your company. Invite others in your company to contribute their thoughts and expertise through social media posts, blogs and in interactions with stakeholders at events. When you have multiple voices in support of your brand across the web, you’ll likely organically recruit more brand ambassadors, as well.

It’s time to establish your social entrepreneur brand voice.

Every company has an inherent spokesperson that defines their brand voice, whether that’s an actual person (Steve Jobs for Apple), a character that’s been created as a mascot (the Geico gecko) or a general impression audience members get from interacting with a brand. You should define your social entrepreneur brand voice before your audience does it for you.

With our worksheets, you can get started creating a style guide for your brand’s voice to use across all marketing materials and social media profiles.

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