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Social change starts with smart strategy.

Strategy isn’t just a buzzword. Put simply, in the nonprofit sector, Strategy is your roadmap for advancing your mission and ultimately, achieving your vision. Without a sound strategic plan and program , fundraising and marketing strategies that align with it, your organization is likely to find itself lost in day-to-day demands and non-essential activities. And finding ways to pivot your strategy has never been more important in light of the current COVID-19 crisis.

We help nonprofits develop strategy in the following ways:

Many organizations that need strategy support can benefit from first working to find their Focus

Strategy Success Story

  • Prosper Strategies’ Nonprofit Impact System™ is a game-changer for any nonprofit that wants to maximize its potential. This system helped us align our objectives with our values as we reimagine the Foundation’s future. It led our team to focus on the same goals, and I’m confident that it is going to help us expand our reach and become the most effective organization we’ve ever been.

    Valentina Texera Parissi
    Valentina Texera Parissi President and CEO at The Great Books Foundation

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