Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits

Are you ready to unlock the potential of inbound marketing for your nonprofit?

Almost as soon as inbound marketing came on the scene, so did the skeptics who said it would never work for nonprofits.

And at first, it might have been easy to believe them. After all, inbound was initially positioned as a methodology for driving leads for B2B sales and then nurturing those leads through a decision making process. While inbound has no doubt expanded beyond that limited universe and made its way into consumer marketing and even education, adoption is still extremely low in the nonprofit sector. That’s a true shame for nonprofits and the causes and communities they serve, because there is a ton of untapped potential in inbound marketing for nonprofits.

Download this ebook to learn how inbound can advance four of the most common nonprofit goals.

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What’s inside The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits?

You’ll learn about the basics of the inbound marketing methodology and then see how it can be used for:

  • Fundraising
  • Stakeholder education and activation
  • Revenue generation
  • Talent Acquisition

You’ll also explore examples of real world nonprofits that are using or could be using inbound marketing to advance their goals and missions.

Where can I learn more about working with Prosper Strategies to leverage the power of inbound marketing?