Webinar: What’s Working Now: Fundraising in the Midst of COVID-19 Recovery

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It’s been a challenging couple months for fundraisers and development professionals, and things are unlikely to get much easier in the back half of the year. In fact, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, 73% of nonprofits say they have seen a decline in contributions so far in 2020, and half say they expect to see fundraising revenue decline by more than 20 percent over the next year. But in the midst of all the challenges associated with COVID-19 and the resulting fundraising fallout, some organizations are succeeding rather than struggling with fundraising. A select few are even breaking their own records for past performance and hitting goals they barely dared to dream of. And they’re doing all that in the midst of the greatest public health crisis of our time.

In this webinar, which originally aired on June 25th, we spoke with leaders from three of those extraordinary organizations (First Graduate, VOA Illinois and Horizons National) to learn what they’re doing differently, and get their take on what’s working now in fundraising.

Find out how these leaders have spent the first part of this year engaging their donors in new ways online, matching their past in-person gala fundraising results with a virtual gala, raising $1.7M and attracting over 1,000 new donors on a single giving day, and more.

You can access the webinar recording for free here.

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