Webinar: Nonprofit Resilience in The Face of COVID-19

1 min read

The world has never needed the nonprofit sector more than it does today and COVID-19 is bringing that into even sharper focus. What it’s also bringing into focus are some really important sector-wide changes that need to be made, from the way nonprofits are funded to how strategic planning happens to how we engage stakeholders and track and measure success. The challenges that come along in each of these areas are bubbling over in the face of this current crisis, leading many nonprofit leaders to ask, “How am I going to get through this?” But the most innovative nonprofit leaders are asking themselves, “How am I going to come out stronger?”

In this webinar, which originally aired on April 30th, we discuss how your nonprofit and you as a leader can come out stronger by:

  • Differentiating your organization and standing out from the noise
  • Getting your strategic plan, marketing and fundraising strategies back on track, or pivoting them to deal with the new reality
  • Ensuring your people are on board with your nonprofit’s key efforts
  • Measuring and making progress toward your goals

You’ll also learn about our Nonprofit Impact System, a comprehensive set of tools and resources you can use to optimize every aspect of your nonprofit for maximum mission impact. You can access the webinar recording for free here.

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