Webinar: How (and Why) Nonprofits Should Plan for an Uncertain Future

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As you close out the year, hopefully you’ve taken time to reflect on where your organization started 2020 and where you are now. Not a single nonprofit saw 2020 go according to plan. But the compounding obstacles that this year brought forced us to become adaptable and resilient. Many nonprofits tried new strategies to go virtual and reach donors and beneficiaries in new ways. So, reflect on 2020, but more importantly, have your eyes set on the future.

2021 brings plenty of questions. Among other unknowns, it’s still unclear when the pandemic will end, and we’re in the midst of a political transition. How can nonprofit leaders effectively plan for the year ahead with such an uncertain future?

In our webinar, which originally aired on December 9th, we spoke with leaders from Feeding America, Ignite and re:power about how they’re planning for 2021 despite the challenges it may hold. They address how they’re approaching planning at their organizations and give examples that can guide your work, such as:

  • The scenarios they’re thinking through for 2021 and what they’re doing to prepare for each;
  • How they’re thinking about delivering on their missions in the context of current and future events; and most importantly
  • What plans they’re putting in place to ensure their organizations’ futures, even with so many unknowns.

You can access the webinar recording for free here.

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