Webinar: Let’s Stop Competing and Start Collaborating

1 min read

If you’re a nonprofit leader and you notice an organization with a similar mission, drawing the same attention from donors, ask yourself, “are they a competitor or are they someone I can collaborate with?”

Far too often, they’re seen as a competitor — a threat to your existence. This shouldn’t be the case. Some of the most successful nonprofits flourish because they know exactly how to build deep collaborations within their area of expertise. 

Many organizations like to talk about working together, but few actually do so. In order to build a better nonprofit sector, for the good of all, that has got to change.

In our webinar, which originally aired on March 18th, we spoke with leaders from NonprofitAF, the Chicago Foundation for Women and DePaul University about the importance of navigating collaboration versus competition. They also discussed:

  • Why the assumption that nonprofits should merge can be harmful
  • How nonprofits can partner or more deeply collaborate without merging
  • How to know when merging actually IS the right move for your nonprofit
  • How to make collaborations, mergers and acquisitions

You can access the webinar recording for free here.

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