The Best Advice and What Inspires Me Every Day

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family and being an active member of the entrepreneurial community, I’ve received no shortage of awesome advice, and I’m grateful for it. I’ve learned SO much [...]


Getting Smarter About Client Work and the Future of Prosper

If you want to get smarter about the way you work, which was one of our firm rocks for 2016, you have to get serious about the types of companies that make up your ideal client profile, so you [...]


Three Systems that Will Help You Scale in 2016

One thing has become abundantly clear to me in the last few months: scaling a business is harder than starting one. In today’s digital world, almost anyone can start a company. But sustaining [...]


The REAL Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Getting Results

For every successful marketing campaign, there are probably at least a dozen that fail. I’ve seen this failure and the frustration that comes with it over and over again (thankfully not with many [...]


5 Productivity Hacks that Make a Massive Difference

I’m all about maximizing productivity. How can I do more, better, faster? Put any article in front of me that provides some new lifehack that’s going to make me more efficient, and I’ll [...]


Prosper Strategies is Now a B Corp (and You Should Become One Too)!

Today, I am beyond excited to announce that Prosper Strategies has been certified as a B Corp! B Corp certification is something we’ve been working on for a LONG time, and we’re so proud to now [...]


What is Your Entrepreneurial End-Game Anyway?

Every good entrepreneur has to ask themselves: what am I building toward? The idea of an acquisition is one every entrepreneur thinks about from time-to-time, and Alyssa and I are no different. [...]

Set Purpose-Driven Goals to Make 2016 The Best Year Yet

A few weeks ago, I escaped to my family’s cabin in the north woods to celebrate the holidays with my family. After a year of so many ups and downs at Prosper Strategies, I wanted nothing more [...]