Walker PostSocial Impact Consultant

Walker is a social impact consultant and entrepreneur spurring disruption across the philanthropic and business sectors. Award-winning journalist turned savvy problem-solver, Walker is at his best when he’s breaking down narratives to address complex social problems. He specializes in helping nonprofits achieve their goals through strategic planning, marketing and communications strategy, brand strategy, fundraising and more. He put his expertise to the test by launching his own nonprofit in response to COVID-19.

Walker is the CEO and founder of Covalent, formerly known as Covid Fellows, connecting talented students to small businesses and nonprofits to provide digital marketing and fundraising support. To date, they’ve created over 110 fellowships, helped over 80 organizations, and engaged over 160 mentors from across the world. He’s also an advisor at GreenHouse::Innovation, an organization that employs the systematic disruption of social norms to effect change.

Walker has written for or been featured in Fast Company, WBEZ, CBS Online, Nonprofit PRO, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Hewlett-Packard’s The Garage, The Power of I and DNA Info. He was also published in the book, “Division Street: The Remix Sessions.”

In his free time, Walker enjoys reading, writing, exercising, meditating, and handling the neighbor’s noise complaints associated with him playing the drums and guitar.

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