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Compelling content is the backbone of great digital and inbound marketing campaigns. When done right, it becomes the number one source of new lead conversions for your sales team. Content is what you write on your website to draw people in and it’s the resources you provide to further engage them with your brand and capture their contact information once they get there. These resources range from white papers to blog posts to infographics and webinars to podcasts to emails.

At Prosper Strategies, we become subject matter experts in the areas where our clients are focused, whether that’s helping lawyers navigate the fast-paced world of technology to manage their practices more efficiently or librarians to remain on the cutting-edge of innovation through the use of digital resources.

The key is that most people don’t visit your website for the first time ready to buy, and content needs to be strategically created to appeal to them depending on their familiarity with your company. This includes content for people just learning about your brand who need the basics as to who you are and what you do, for those who are comparing your company to others and those who are close to making a decision and just need that final push.

At Prosper Strategies, we call this the buyer’s journey, when a lead goes from awareness to consideration to decision. Our goal during the Discovery phase of our 4-D Approach is to intimately understand your target audiences, so we can create irresistible content that they find valuable regardless of where they are on the buyer’s journey – so valuable, they raise their “virtual” hand by filling out a form to say they want to continue to hear from you. From here, we establish ongoing communications with them through effective emails that become more targeted as leads interact with marketing materials. Our content conversion strategies and expert writing combine the art and the science necessary to deliver real results.

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