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Change the conversation.

When it is used effectively, content serves as a top driver of web traffic, a powerful source of new leads or contacts and a tool for nurturing your target stakeholders to donate, volunteer, use your programs and services, or take another desired action.

At Prosper Strategies, we become subject matter experts in our your sub-sector, cause and areas of focus. Then, we create high-quality content to draw your target stakeholders to your website and organization, educate them about what you do and why it matters and nurture them toward the actions that matter most for your nonprofit. Content formats evolve constantly (and so do we). We work regularly on blog posts, web copy, brochures, annual reports, white papers, case studies, e-books, podcasts, brochures, infographics, webinars and more. And because we only work with nonprofits, we approach every content development project with a focus on storytelling and illustrating impact.

Each piece of content we develop is aligned with a broader strategy and created with a specific goal in mind.

While a blog post or web page might be drafted to help you gain visibility in search engines and attract targeted traffic, a white paper might be created to educate your donors about a key issue related to your cause and turn them into advocates. A success story might be developed to illustrate your impact on a specific population, while a brochure might be designed to help potential clients make a final decision about utilizing your programs and services. It’s all about finding the right formats, topics and messages for your target stakeholders at each phase in their relationship with your organization and staying consistent with your key messages.

Our goal during the Discover phase of our 4-D Approach is to intimately understand your target stakeholders so we can create irresistible content that they find valuable regardless of where they are on their journey – so valuable, they raise their “virtual” hand by filling out a form to say they want to download what you have to offer and continue to hear from you. From here, we establish ongoing communication through email and social nurturing that becomes more targeted as contacts and leads interact with your brand.

Our expert writing and content conversion strategies combine the art and the science necessary to deliver real results for your nonprofit and staying consistent with your key messages.


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