Inbound Marketing

The culmination of our 4-D Approach, digital and inbound marketing, is where the magic happens. It’s where we take all of the tactics that make up the Drive phase — media, social media, converting content — and use them to build relationships that deliver real, bottom-line results.

Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that organically draw potential customers to your brand through the development of content and thought leadership platforms, rather than using disruptive tactics, like ads, to gain their attention. Inbound marketing then allows you to capture the information of your website visitors through the delivery of high-value content gated behind forms and use that information to nurture stakeholders to a desired outcome through strategic email nurturing and marketing/sales alignment.

We center our inbound marketing efforts around three critical phases of the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration and decision. The awareness phase is typically the phase where buyers know they have a problem, and they are seeking out more information and a possible solution. During this phase, we help you get in front of potential customers through targeted media placements, social media and online content, such as blogging, supported by keyword strategies.

Once the buyer knows your brand and what you do, they move to the consideration phase. This is often when they would begin comparing your solution to the offerings of competitors. During this phase, we develop valuable content assets that are available for download through your website, blog, social media and other channels. In order to access them, visitors must fill out a form, which also allows them to opt-in to hear from you. Once they are engaged with the brand, we use highly targeted, automated emails to educate these potential buyers about your product and services with the goal of warming them for sales.

At the decision phase, we work closely with sales leaders on continued education of leads. We also hand over highly qualified prospects and provide sales staff with information about how a potential buyer is interacting with marketing materials so they can give their lead the exact information they need to make a decision more quickly.

Through social media, blogging, content (white papers, survey results, data releases, checklists, cost-savings guides, etc.) and targeted emails, inbound marketing results in increased web traffic, leads and conversions for your company.

When combining everything we do under a comprehensive inbound strategy, Prosper Strategies helps clients achieve on average three times their marketing investment. To learn more, visit our inbound and digital marketing case studies. Also, find more on the other tactics we use as part of the Drive phase of our 4-D Approach.

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