What We Do:
Inbound Marketing

The way stakeholders discover and engage with causes
and nonprofits is shifting.

Your potential clients, donors, beneficiaries and supporters are becoming more discerning about how they spend their time and money than ever, and there is more and more noise competing for their attention. But with inbound marketing, your organization can draw in the stakeholders you need to move your mission forward and drive them to take action.

At Prosper Strategies, we develop inbound marketing campaigns that attract, nurture, and convert online traffic into loyal clients, donors, members, volunteers and supporters. In the process, we drive meaningful, measurable growth for our nonprofit clients.

  • Attract
  • Nurture
  • Convert
  • Delight

So what exactly is inbound marketing?

It’s where everything we do comes together in perfect harmony. Inbound marketing refers to the entire spectrum of marketing activities that:

- Organically draw your target stakeholders to your organization and its website (think blogs, web copy, social posts and even digital ads)

- Convert unknown web visitors into known leads and contacts (think forms that web visitors must fill out to get on your email list or gain access to high-value content like e-books and case studies)

- Nurture new contacts toward a desired action like buying from your organization, donating or becoming a program participant or volunteer (think email nurturing sequences and targeted social interactions)

- Track and measure marketing’s impact on an individual contact level
(think scoring and data that allows you to see who your most engaged contacts are and focus your time on them)

Inbound Success Stories

When we bring together everything we do under a comprehensive inbound strategy, Prosper Strategies helps clients achieve returns that average three times their marketing investment. Learn more about the other tactics we use as part of the Drive phase of our 4-D Approach.


Prosper Strategies, Powered by HubSpot

Prosper Strategies is a certified HubSpot Partner, and HubSpot is our preferred inbound marketing tool. As a component of our Marketing Strategy and Execution engagements, Prosper Strategies will provide technical setup, strategic counsel and execution support for your HubSpot account. HubSpot will give you the ability to tap into contact-level reporting, advanced analytics, end-to-end content management (marketing emails, landing pages, blogs, social media), lead scoring, CRM integration, marketing sales alignment and more.

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