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The Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto

It’s time for a marketing revolution, and the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto is your call to arms. Read it and learn:

– Why most nonprofits think too small about the power of marketing and communications

– How your nonprofit can make a bigger mission impact and drive more social change when you fully leverage marketing

– How you can start a marketing revolution at your nonprofit by making 10 critical commitments

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An Honest Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Nonprofit Rebrand

As we noted in our recent blog on nonprofit renaming trends, many organizations are shifting from literal names to more evocative names that encompass a wider range of initiatives. Resilience is no exception. While it can be challenging to decide on a name or brand that perfectly encapsulates the image you want your organization to convey to the world, an evocative name and brand image can prove more flexible as your initiatives evolve over time.

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Why Are So Many Nonprofits Renaming?

There comes a time when many social sector organizations must ask themselves a difficult question: is going through a nonprofit renaming exercise necessary for our success, and possibly even for our survival? If your nonprofit is currently facing challenges like a disconnect between your name and your mission, or a misalignment between initiatives you want […]

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Social Enterprise or CSR? How to Differentiate Your Organization Through Marketing and Communications

Imagine if today, Coca-Cola announced a corporate social responsibility initiative directly within your social enterprise’s wheelhouse. How could you differentiate your company’s mission from their campaign? Whether social enterprise or CSR, you have to be able to communicate your benefits. Often, already-established for-profit companies will instill corporate social responsibility, or CSR, initiatives into their businesses […]

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