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The Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto

It’s time for a marketing revolution, and the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto is your call to arms. Read it and learn:

– Why most nonprofits think too small about the power of marketing and communications

– How your nonprofit can make a bigger mission impact and drive more social change when you fully leverage marketing

– How you can start a marketing revolution at your nonprofit by making 10 critical commitments

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The Case for Engaging Diverse Stakeholders in Developing Your Nonprofit’s Brand

Who “owns” your organization? This question is not nearly as straightforward in the nonprofit world as it is in the for-profit world.  The short answer is the organization’s many diverse stakeholders.  Here’s how Judith E. Millesen explained the unique dynamics surrounding nonprofit ownership in Nonprofit Quarterly: “We all know that although a corporate board of […]

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Marketing vs. Communications vs. Storytelling

The nonprofit sector is full of jargon, silos, and the confusion that both create. Nowhere is this truer than in the marketing/communications/storytelling/fundraising arms of organizations, which seem to blur together and overlap more than almost any other area. Ask two different nonprofit professionals how these functions relate to one another, and you’re likely to get […]

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Why Marketing and Fundraising are Not the Same

At many nonprofits, marketing, communications and development are thought of as one in the same, and managed under a single department. At Prosper Strategies, we don’t recommend this, because these two functions are certainly not one in the same. That’s because marketing is much more than a tool for fundraising and development. Of course, you […]

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Webinar Recap: Build Better Partnerships Inside & Outside the Nonprofit Sector with Marketing

The power of networking cannot be overstated. A simple call, email or conversation over coffee can lead to partnerships and opportunities that could change the strategic or business trajectory of your organization forever. So what can you do to foster better partnerships for your organization? In our August webinar, Alyssa Conrardy discussed how to build […]

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