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The Ingredients of a Successful Rebrand

I recently wrote a post about the ingredients of a successful nonprofit marketing initiative. In it, I discussed ways to ensure communications projects stay on track and achieve maximum impact, which included: Establishing a communications committee, made up of individuals who can champion the work and provide diverse perspectives; Considering the time you’ll need to […]

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The Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto

It’s time for a marketing revolution, and the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto is your call to arms. Read it and learn:

– Why most nonprofits think too small about the power of marketing and communications

– How your nonprofit can make a bigger mission impact and drive more social change when you fully leverage marketing

– How you can start a marketing revolution at your nonprofit by making 10 critical commitments

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Effective Direct Mail Strategies for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are constantly plagued with the question of how to evolve their marketing and development strategies during this time of changing giving patterns and donor preferences. In our increasingly digital world, is there still a place for more “traditional” fundraising tactics like direct mail? While some say no, the U.S. Postal Service has found that […]

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Webinar Recap: Make the Case for Marketing Investment at Your Nonprofit

During our June webinar on advocating for a strong marketing budget, Alyssa Conrardy, President of Prosper Strategies, was joined by Kevin Radelet, Executive Director of the Leukemia Research Foundation and Tabitha Upshaw, Chief Marketing Officer of Global Wildlife Conservation. In this blog, we share a recap of what they discussed.     This webinar centered […]

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