On nonprofit marketing, communications and mission impact


    How To Write a Nonprofit Vision Statement That Will Shape Your Organization’s Future

    Here’s how to get started developing a nonprofit vision statement to guide your future.


    The Nonprofit Rebrand Experience

    If your nonprofit is rebranding, it should be done collaboratively. Bringing together different people and perspectives results in different opinions, which leads to both a more fruitful process [...]


    Six Last Minute Ideas for Giving Tuesday

    November is already halfway over, and if you followed our end-of-year fundraising timeline perfectly, your campaign should already be well on its way.


    Three Reasons Your Nonprofit Brand Is Still “The Best Kept Secret”

    I talk to five to ten nonprofit marketers a week, and one of the most common things I hear is, “If only people knew about our impact … we’re the best kept secret in __________.” Some of you even [...]


    Combating Stereotype Porn and Poverty Porn With Asset and Strengths-Based Communications

    Imagine a world where every nonprofit presents an accurate, strengths-based picture of the people and communities it serves. A world where organizations don’t feel that they have to show sad [...]

  • The Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto

    It’s time for a marketing revolution, and the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto is your call to action. Read it and learn:

    •  Why most nonprofits think too small about the power of marketing and communications
    •  How your nonprofit can make a bigger mission impact and drive more social change when you fully leverage marketing
    • How you can start a marketing revolution at your nonprofit by making 10 critical commitments
    Read the Manifesto