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Marketing is changing rapidly in the nonprofit and social enterprise worlds. It can be tough for even the most energetic and ambitious professionals to keep up. That’s why we’re committed to developing sector-leading research, insights and educational opportunities (like webinars and online courses) for nonprofit leaders and marketers like you. Our education opportunities and insights highlight the critical information you need to know now to stay ahead of the curve, excel at your work and maximize your mission impact. Keep scrolling to browse available resources and current education opportunities below, or jump to:

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For Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

From proprietary research on the marketing practices of today’s most effective nonprofits to blog articles, whitepapers and resource guides, we’re working to empower you with the insights and ideas you need to do your best work. We make the vast majority of our insights available completely free of charge.

Changemaker Marketing Lab


Changemaker Marketing Lab Online is the world’s first online marketing course designed just for nonprofits and social enterprises. The course guides participants through the process of strengthening their brand strategy and developing a marketing plan that will position their organization for success. The first round of the course is currently in session, and round two will open for enrollment in Q4 2018.


Hire Lindsay or Alyssa to Speak

Prosper Strategies co-founders Lindsay Mullen and Alyssa Conrardy are regularly called upon by groups from Google to Boys & Girls Clubs of America to speak to their audiences about marketing, impact and the intersection between the two.

Example keynote topics include:

Why the Nonprofit Sector Thinks Too Small About Marketing and What You Can Do About it

How to Advance Your Mission and Drive REAL Social Change with Marketing and Communications

Dissecting the Nonprofit Sector’s Most Successful Rebrands

What is the Role of Brand in the Nonprofit Sector?

Beyond Raising Awareness and Raising Funds: Expanding the Impact of Marketing in the Nonprofit Sector

Messaging Mission: Developing a Powerful Brand Messaging Platform for Your Nonprofit


From Anonymous to Evangelist: Using Digital Data to Get to Know Your Prospective Donors

Magnetism: Apply the Inbound Marketing Methodology to Drive More Results for Your Nonprofit

Business as a Force for Good: Why Prosper Strategies Joined the B Corp Movement and How You Can Too

Conscious in Crisis: Managing Crisis Communications as a Nonprofit or Social Enterprise


Amazon, Google, Apple…Your Nonprofit? Why Nonprofits Should be the Most Revered Brands of Our Time, and How to Grow Yours.

Media Relations 101 for Nonprofits: How to Garner Impactful Media Coverage over the Long Haul

Plan to Prosper: A Guide to Building an Achievable, Impactful Marketing Plan for Your Nonprofit (workshop style)

Messaging Mission: A Guide to Developing a Powerful Brand Messaging Platform for Your Nonprofit (workshop style)

Today’s Impact Organizations are Tomorrow’s Market Leaders: How Consumer Preference is Shifting to Favor Social Enterprise

Marketing The Enterprising Nonprofit: How Nonprofits with a Business Model can Achieve Greater Marketing Results

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