What We Do:
Marketing Enablement

Set Your Team Up for Success

If your organization has the capacity and desire to execute on its brand strategy and marketing plan independently but your communications team lacks the necessary structure or skillsets, our Marketing Enablement services can be the perfect solution.

Following a brand strategy and marketing planning engagement, we’ll work hand in hand with your team to help them build the skills and competencies they need for success. We do this in two ways:

Focused Training

We stay deeply engaged with your communications team for a defined time period, usually between four and twelve months, and take team members through a custom training curriculum based on your marketing plan and the areas of greatest need we’ve identified together. When we walk away, your team will be empowered to keep driving extraordinary results.

Coaching and Single Issue Consulting

Even after we’ve developed your marketing plan and provided training, you might find you still need our counsel and coaching in specific situations. For example, you may want to call on us for single issue consulting when facing a crisis communications situation or for additional coaching when onboarding a new team member. That’s why our coachingĀ  and single issue consulting services exist.

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