What We Do:
Digital Marketing

Make a measurable impact on your nonprofit’s goals with digital marketing.

Your nonprofit’s ability to drive results with marketing has never been greater (or more cost effective) thanks to the power of digital. Digital marketing can help you attract new donors, recruit volunteers, build a vocal community of issue advocates, and so much more.

New digital marketing opportunities emerge almost weekly, and our team will help you stay ahead of the curve. Our digital marketing programs typically include elements like:

Email Marketing

Inform, inspire and drive action with a smart email marketing program. We’ll help you with segmentation, message development, and optimization based on a deep dive into data about your email engagement.

Website Journeymapping and Optimization

Social media can be a great place to build awareness and inspire engagement around your organization’s mission, but leveraging its full potential requires more than just a regular posting schedule. You need an understanding of who you hope to reach, data about where they’re spending their time, content that grabs their attention on crowded social networks, and hands-on, human-centric engagement. We can help you with every part of this equation, from developing your content calendar to serving as your community managers.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram Advertising

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram have become some of the most cost-effective channels for targeting and acquiring new supporters. We’ll help you set up and manage successful campaigns on these social networks that achieve your goals around awareness, engagement and fundraising.

Google Grant Advertising

With the Google Ad Grant, qualifying nonprofits can receive $10,000 per month in free advertising on Google. But just because the Ad Grant is free doesn’t mean managing it it simple. We’ll help you set your Google Ad account up correctly, develop campaigns that get results, and then optimize your account for maximum impact and ROI.

  • Thanks so much for your hard work, Prosper! Clearly it was a good partnership, as we cannot bear to part from you 🙂 We've implemented a chunk of the digital marketing plan in the run-up to the screenings, including digital ads tests (running now), email push for the premiere, and basic website updates. Once we've jumped the first hurdle we're looking forward to deepening that work.

    Laura Fallsgraff
    Laura Fallsgraff Director of Engagement, Kindling Group

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