Take the Nonprofit Health Assessment: Nonprofit Performance Measurement Begins Here

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Today, I want you to ask yourself a difficult question, and you must answer honestly: is your nonprofit doing everything possible to maximize its impact?

If you pop open the hood and take a close look at your operations, fundraising, board, staff, and more, are you happy with what you see?

Analyzing your organization’s performance from within can be difficult. It’s similar to giving an honest assessment of your kids’ behavior or your spouse’s attentiveness. It’s next to impossible to be objective when you’re in an intimate relationship with your organization. But when it comes to your organization’s health, being objective and analyzing the right things (while avoiding nitpicking the non-essentials) is critical. And it’s never been more important to get an accurate picture of where your organization is strong and healthy (and where it needs some extra care and attention) than it is now, as we all aim to make it through the COVID-19 crisis and rebound better than ever.

That’s why we created The Nonprofit Health Assessment. 

The Nonprofit Health Assessment is a simple 20-question survey that will help you get a sense of your nonprofit’s overall health by analyzing all the key elements of your organization. You’ll learn where your nonprofit is optimized for maximum impact, and where you still have work to do.

This assessment will also help you get a sense of where you should start when it comes to implementing the Nonprofit Impact System™, whether on your own or with our help.

The entire Nonprofit Health Assessment takes just 10 minutes to complete. After you submit it, you’ll receive a summary of your responses, followed by a customized report from Prosper Strategies, within 2-3 business days. 

Nonprofit performance measurement begins here. Are you ready to take the Assessment? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The Nonprofit Health Assessment is meant to be completed by a CEO/President/ED or an entire leadership team (prepare for it to spark some interesting, valuable discussions). It could also be completed with participation from the board, but often board members do not have enough insight into day-to-day operations to answer questions accurately.
  • If your leadership team isn’t able to complete the Assessment, it could be completed by those in other roles (marketing, communications, fundraising, operations, programs etc.), and then shared with the leadership team as a conversation starter. That said, at some point, you’ll want your leadership team to weigh in on these questions.
  • You won’t “fail” the Nonprofit Health Assessment, nor will you “ace” it. No organization is perfect, and if your organization is surviving, it’s not completely broken either. Instead of getting a passing grade or a failing one, you’ll find out where your organization should focus on improving and where you’re already in good shape when you receive your results.
  • Some questions might require additional context. We’ve included open-ended responses on many questions where you can add notes, and we are also available to discuss your responses with you so you can provide more insights after we deliver your results.
  • It can be helpful to start to gather some information and tap others for opinions before you take the Assessment. To make that easy, we’ve included a preview of the direction of some of the questions below.

The Nonprofit Health Assessment includes questions about items like these which are a useful starting point for nonprofit performance measurement:

  • Your nonprofit’s positioning relative to other similar organizations
  • Whether you have essential items in place like a mission statement, vision statement, core values and a brand identity
  • Whether you have a strategic plan, program plans, fundraising plans, and marketing plans, and how each function within your organization
  • How marketing and fundraising are performing for your organization
  • Whether you have the right people in the right roles in your leadership team, staff and board
  • Whether you have a vision of how your organization’s team needs to grow/change shape in the future
  • How your organization is approaching diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Whether you’re engaging your external stakeholders and the people you serve in your work
  • How your board functions as an entity and in relationship to your leadership and staff
  • The effectiveness of your systems and processes
  • How you’re approaching nonprofit performance measurement and tracking data on outcomes and results

If you’re ready to take an honest, hard look at your organization’s health, The Nonprofit Health Assessment is ready and waiting. Take it here, and we’ll be in touch within 2-3 business days with your results.


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