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Strengthen your leadership, strengthen your nonprofit.

Leadership can make or break a nonprofit organization. Effective nonprofit leaders can pull an organization out of dire circumstances and take it to new levels of success. Ineffective leaders can undo years of hard-won progress on an organization’s mission. And mediocre leaders foster mediocrity in their organizations.

At Prosper Strategies, we emphasize building the skills, mindset and capacity of your current leaders, and developing existing staff members into future leaders. 

Our leadership development services focus on:

New Leadership Development

Establish a plan for identifying and developing your organization’s future leaders before your current leaders move on.

Executive and Management Coaching

Leading is lonely. Meet weekly, monthly or quarterly with a seasoned nonprofit CEO who can help you overcome the leadership challenges you’re facing and become the leader your organization needs you to be.

Leadership Role Optimization

Get your leaders working on the right things at the right time based on their skill sets and your organization’s strategic plan.

Leadership Development Success Story

  • To us, it was really important to work with a team that took time to get to know our organization and our resident animals. Prosper not only got to know us, they became an important part of our team (and of course fell in love with the animals). They channeled this love and positive energy into everything they did for us. This resulted in the development of a strategic plan that had clear and actionable goals, along with a plan for measuring our progress. Additionally, we now have beautiful messaging and a marketing plan that will expand our reach. I would have no hesitation recommending Prosper Strategies.

    Dr. Susan E. Founder and Executive Director of Mindful Earth* (actual organization name redacted due to capital campaign quiet phase in progress)

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