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The Nonprofit Marketing Revolutionaries Mastermind is the first program of its kind, designed to help nonprofit leaders like you transform your organization’s marketing function into a tool for mission advancement and social change.

Each month, you’ll spend two hours meeting and collaborating with a small group of revolutionary nonprofit leaders and working your way through the 10 commitments in the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto.

By the end of the year, your organization will have totally transformed its approach to marketing, and you’ll making a greater impact than you ever thought possible.

While more information about the 2019 program is included below, applications are now closed for this year’s Mastermind. Please fill out the form below to join the waiting list for the 2020 Mastermind.

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You're not in this alone.

You're not the only one who feels uncertain about your organization's future or frustrated by your lack of progress toward your mission and goals. Nonprofits across the country are facing new challenges, like:

More Need

Cuts to federal and state-run social services are leaving more people hungry, homeless and otherwise unable to meet their basic needs. This means more people are turning to the nonprofit sector for help.

Fewer Resources

Cuts to government grants have decreased the total pool of money available to nonprofit organizations, while at the same time, new nonprofits are launching at a record pace (nearly 40% growth since the 1990s). This means more organizations are competing for less money.

Shrinking Donations

New tax laws and additional regulations are discouraging charitable giving. This means the steady stream of private donations many nonprofits have long relied on is likely to begin shrinking.

Changing Donor Demographics

The first wave of digital native Millennial donors are entering the scene with unpredictable giving habits and nearly unlimited options for social investment, from crowdfunding campaigns that support a friend’s medical expenses to venture philanthropy funds that support the explosive social enterprise space. This means an already highly competitive fundraising landscape is becoming even more cutthroat for most nonprofits.

If these challenges sound familiar, the Nonprofit Marketing Revolutionaries Mastermind can help. Come together with Prosper Strategies and a small group of nonprofit leaders once a month and you'll discover new ways to utilize marketing to overcome your organization's most significant struggles.

What is The Nonprofit Marketing Revolutionaries Mastermind?

Focused Learning

Each month, leadership at Prosper Strategies will introduce you to one of the 10 commitments every nonprofit must make to fully leverage the power and potential of marketing.


You'll then spend the rest of our two-hour session collaborating and strategizing with your fellow Mastermind group members about that month's focus topic, as well as anything else marketing-related you're struggling with at your nonprofit.


You don't have to start your marketing revolution in isolation. Your fellow Mastermind participants will be a valuable sounding board and support system for you next year and far beyond as you work to make your nonprofit's vision a reality through marketing.

The Nonprofit Marketing Revolutionaries Mastermind sessions will take place via web conference using Zoom. However, if there is enough interest in Chicago (Prosper Strategies' HQ) we may host an in-person Mastermind as well.

Focus Topics for 2019:


COMMITMENT #1:We will recognize marketing as a tool for driving social change.

“We will acknowledge that when leveraged properly by nonprofits like ours, marketing is capable of changing the world.”

In January, we’ll focus on unpacking the true impact marketing can have at your nonprofit (beyond raising awareness). We’ll also discuss a new definition for marketing that will help others at your organization understand its importance.


COMMITMENT #2: We will develop a strong brand image and identity in alignment with our mission and values.

“We will recognize that our brands are the keys that unlock our mission and values for our stakeholders, and we will treat them accordingly.”

In February, we’ll explore the DNA of truly effective, mission aligned nonprofit brands. Then, we’ll evaluate our own brands to determine where they’re succeeding and where they’re falling short.



COMMITMENT #3: We will build cohesion internally and communicate consistently externally.

“We will recognize that to advance our mission we must build trust, and that to build trust, there must be consistency between how we see ourselves internally, how we act, and
how we represent ourselves externally.”

In March, we’ll examine how our staff, volunteers and other internal stakeholders may be unintentionally hurting our brands and organizations through inconsistent communication. Then we’ll collaborate around strategies for getting everyone on the same page.


COMMITMENT #4: We will treat all of our stakeholders as brand ambassadors.

“We will recognize that every person our organizations interact with has the potential to amplify our brands, our missions and our impact.”

In April, we will discuss ways to turn our stakeholders into effective spokespeople  and strategies for getting various groups excited about spreading our message. We’ll also explore the many possible pitfalls associated with the “everyone is a spokesperson” mentality.


COMMITMENT #5:We will develop a marketing plan that aligns with our strategic plan and recognize that marketing can impact every single one of our strategic goals.

“We will stop developing our marketing and communications plans in a vacuum, and instead make marketing planning an integral part of strategic planning.”

In May, we’ll dive into the most important part of marketing at a nonprofit: aligning your marketing plans and initiatives with your mission and strategic focus as an organization. We’ll explore building a marketing plan off of an existing strategic plan and conducting marketing planning and strategic planning in tandem. We’ll also discuss ways to continue to move forward with marketing in times when your organization’s strategic focus is uncertain or unclear.


COMMITMENT #6: We will invest properly in marketing and treat it as core mission support, not overhead.

“We will stop short-changing marketing in favor of other ‘more important’ functions at our organizations.”

In June, we’ll discuss a variety of strategies for advocating for funding for marketing. We’ll also explore approaches to building a marketing budget that adapts to the realities of your organization and your marketing results.

COMMITMENT #7: We will ensure marketing is overseen at the highest level of our organizations and contributed to by everyone on our teams.

“We will give marketing and communications a seat at the leadership table and a spot on the board meeting agenda.”

In July, we’ll talk about how marketing should be managed, from a staff perspective, at a nonprofit that wants to maximize its mission impact. We’ll explore what effective and ineffective marketing teams and leaders look like, and we’ll also talk about how to get everyone to see marketing as their responsibility.


COMMITMENT #7: We will ensure marketing is overseen at the highest level of our organizations and contributed to by everyone on our teams.

“We will give marketing and communications a seat at the leadership table and a spot on the board meeting agenda.”

In July, we’ll talk about how marketing should be managed, from a staff perspective, at a nonprofit that wants to maximize its mission impact. We’ll explore what effective and ineffective marketing teams and leaders look like, and we’ll also talk about how to get everyone to see marketing as their responsibility.


COMMITMENT #8: We will use our brands and marketing to build partnerships and advance the broader causes we're focused on.

“We realize we’re not an island, and we behave accordingly.”

In August, we’ll explore the ways our brands and marketing can be used to build effective, equitable partnerships with for-profit businesses, government, and other nonprofit organizations.


COMMITMENT #9: We will avoid, at all costs, sacrificing the dignity of those we serve for the sake of our marketing and communications goals.

“We recognize that our marketing efforts are not a success if they marginalize, stereotype or otherwise disempower the people we serve, no matter how well they perform by other metrics.”

In September, we’ll explore the dangerous world of poverty porn, famine porn, stereotype porn and all of their close cousins, which exploit the conditions of the people we aim to help in order to generate sympathy and increase support for our causes.  Then, we’ll discuss ways to tell more complete and respectful stories about the people our organizations serve while still inspiring support.


COMMITMENT #10: We will measure the impact of marketing on our missions and continually optimize our efforts to drive more social change.

“We are unwilling to accept the notion that it is impossible to measure the impact marketing makes on our missions.”


In October, we’ll wrap up with the 10th commitment in the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto, and explore what effective marketing measurement really looks like.


Bringing The 10 Commitments Together for Good

“We will bring the 10 commitments together to make a bigger impact through marketing”

In November, we’ll discuss ways to bring the 10 commitments in the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto together and roll them out at your organization. These commitments will help your nonprofit overcome significant challenges and make a bigger impact than you ever thought possible.


Building a 2020 marketing plan with the 10 commitments at its core.

“The 10 commitments will be integral to our marketing from here forward. Let’s do this.”

As we close out the year, we’ll explore ways to bring the 10 commitments to life as you build your marketing plan for 2020 and beyond.

Meet The Facilitator

Hi, I’m Alyssa Conrardy, and I can’t wait to get to know you better during the Nonprofit Marketing Revolutionaries Mastermind. I’m the co-founder and president of Prosper Strategies, the leading marketing firm for nonprofit organizations. I’m also a sought after speaker on nonprofit marketing and communications. When I’m not at the office, you can find me traveling across the country facilitating talks and workshops focused on leveraging marketing for mission impact with organizations like Independent Sector and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. I absolutely light up any time I get the chance to help nonprofit leaders and marketers do their jobs more effectively and intentionally, so I can’t wait for what’s in store during our Mastermind sessionS. Want more? Check out my full bio here.

Your Questions, Answered

Is there a cost associated with the Mastermind?

Yes, the Mastermind costs $600, which can be paid upfront or split into 6 or 12 payments throughout the year. This investment is required for two reasons. First, it inspires commitment. Our participants will only see value from the group if everyone sees it through for the entire year, and spending money to participate ensures that you have skin in the game. Second, our team’s time and technology costs are partially offset by this investment, though some time is still being donated to participants pro bono. We may make scholarships available in special circumstances. Contact to inquire.

Is the Mastermind an online course?

No. Facilitators from Prosper Strategies will provide some a focused lesson at the start of each session based on a commitment from the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto, but you’re not just here to listen and learn. You’re also here to collaborate, so we’ll spend 50-75% of each session workshopping the 10 Manifesto commitments as a group and discussing other issues you and your fellow participants are struggling with or initiatives working on. The value of the Mastermind is in our collective knowledge and insights. We’ll also send you a recorded webinar on each commitment in the Manifesto that you can watch before each month’s Mastermind session if you want to go deeper.

When and where will sessions be held?

We’re planning to hold sessions once a month on Zoom, and they’ll last approximately 2 hours. We’ll coordinate a date and time each month that is convenient for all participants. If we have enough interest in Chicago (Prosper’s HQ) we may also organize an in-person Mastermind.

Will work be required between sessions?

Yes and no. There will be no formal “homework” between sessions, but the 10 commitments we’ll focus on throughout the year will are actionable and essential. We hope you’ll want to start integrating them into your day-to-day work immediately. This is more about making a marketing culture shift than it is about “getting things done.”

Who else will be in my group?

We’re aiming to group likeminded nonprofit leaders and marketers together, and will let you know who else is likely to be in your group before you commit. You can expect leaders and marketers from a variety of focus and issue areas, but your organizations will likely be similar in size and budget level. We’re expecting most participants to be from mid-sized to large nonprofits that truly want to think bigger about marketing. While we may facilitate several groups throughout 2019, each will be limited to 12 people to allow for maximum collaboration and hands-on attention.

Join the 2020 Waiting List

Are you ready to collaborate with a small group of other revolutionaries and discover the full potential of marketing at your nonprofit? We're no longer accepting applications for 2019, but you can fill out the form below to join the waiting list for 2020. Each group will be limited to 12 participants to allow for maximum collaboration. We'll open up the 2020 application officially in fall 2019

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