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Measure your mission impact: determine what success looks like for your nonprofit and then put the tools in place to measure it.

Traditional metrics used to measure a nonprofit’s success do not actually determine whether your organization is effectively advancing its mission and making an impact. The common practice of using overhead ratios as a proxy for effectiveness is a backwards approach that perpetuates the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle and keeps organizations from achieving impact at scale. Metrics like dollars raised and number of people served are slightly better, but they still fall far short of illuminating whether your nonprofit is making its intended impact. We help nonprofits establish what success looks like for them using the three types of indicators that together more accurately illustrate their effectiveness at advancing their mission and producing an impact. Our measurement practices focus on:

Objectives and Key Results

Set long-term objectives and key results during your strategic planning process, so everyone on your team can track progress on your mission.

Quarterly Goals

Turn strategic plans into action-oriented objectives and key results that are re-evaluated every quarter.

Organizational Health Measurement
Establish a set of organizational health indicators such as months of operating reserves and annual budget surplus to maintain assets to assess the overall health of your organization.

The Nonprofit Impact Dashboard™ 

Develop a shared measurement dashboard everyone on your nonprofit team contributes to where numbers roll up to the most important organizational outcome, goal and health metrics. 

Measurement and Evaluation Success Story

  • To us, it was really important to work with a team that took time to get to know our organization and our resident animals. Prosper not only got to know us, they became an important part of our team (and of course fell in love with the animals). They channeled this love and positive energy into everything they did for us. This resulted in the development of a strategic plan that had clear and actionable goals, along with a plan for measuring our progress. Additionally, we now have beautiful messaging and a marketing plan that will expand our reach. I would have no hesitation recommending Prosper Strategies.

    Dr. Susan E. Founder and Executive Director of Mindful Earth* (actual organization name redacted due to capital campaign quiet phase in progress)

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