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We’re stronger together than we are apart.

Mergers, acquisitions and collaborative, strategic alliances aren’t just a tool for getting through tough times. They can be used to strengthen your organization’s effectiveness, optimize its resources, and expand its reach. Ultimately, merging or closely collaborating with other organizations inside and outside the nonprofit sector can be a key that unlocks more impact for the sector as a whole. And who doesn’t want that? We help organizations explore merger, acquisition and collaboration opportunities, decide which ones to pursue, and establish the following characteristics of an effective partnership:

  • Shared leadership
  • Culture and value alignment
  • Effective communication
  • Performance management

Our merger, acquisition and collaboration work often becomes necessary when we determine that an organization does not have a viable reason for being. Upon the decision to build a partnership, we often also support organizations with change management services.

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  • Working with the Prosper Strategies team was an incredible opportunity for Rebuilding Exchange. It gave us a chance to dive into our mission and impact, and think about how to tell our story to folks who don't think about waste diversion every day...We view [our work together as] a catalyst for Rebuilding Exchange to scale our reach and increase the impact of our message.

    Kelly Farley
    Kelly Farley Executive Director, Rebuilding Exchange

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